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How to Decorate Your Home to Make It Feel Cozier

Home is a source of comfort for many as it gives you a sense of security and ease. While most households are naturally pleasant and welcoming, there is a lot that you can do elevate this feeling. In particular, you can change up your décor and the way you position various items. This way, not only will you feel more relaxed in your home, so will anyone who comes to visit you. Here are some ...

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How technology has changed learning forever

It wasn’t very long ago at all that pupils in a classroom would sit in lines on wooden benches, listening to the screech of chalk on dusty old backboards. Those of us in our 30s and 40s should remember this fairly well – those in our 50s certainly so. It’s not all so long ago, is it?

When you were in school – can you remember how you imagined the future to ...

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#?@$ Chi Minh Provides an Example of Censorship in

As a child the first thing I did when presented with a new dictionary was check for the swear words. I already knew what they meant, but their presence validated the authenticity of the reference; if I could be trusted to know that these words existed, then surely the rest of the contents were worth exploring. Unfortunately, my daughter accidentally found this weekend that her school does not have that same trust in her.

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Opting In

Parents should be given the right to approve their children’s participation in high stakes testing.
By Carl Petersen
My neighborhood school holds a “Summer Transition Academy” for all incoming Freshmen to help them “understand the school’s expectations both academically and behaviorally.” (1) This two week program is mandatory to the point where anyone who misses more than four hours “will earn a grade of FAIL and will have to repeat STA ...

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LAUSD: Rescind the TFA contract

Sign The Petition Here (Even if you do not live in Los Angeles): LAUSD: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/lausd-rescind-the-tfa.fb49?source=s.icn.fb&r_by=12690052

Cancel the contract that pays Teach for America (TFA) to recruit untrained interns to teach our vulnerable special education students. Identify reputable programs to recruit graduates and student teachers who are committed to the teaching profession, to our schools and our students.

This is to urge the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School ...

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