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We Need a SCV PD

What we need is a proactive police department created right here in the SCV. What we need are police officers trained from cradle to grave in law enforcement with the understanding that their career begins and ends right here. We need officers with the type A drive found in PDs of Arcadia, Monrovia, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, etc... Sure their Police Budget is larger then ours. They pay from 100 million to 25 million while we ...

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Riding The NOHO Express

The NOHO Express

For residents of the Santa Clarita Valley, it has basically been, drive or train. Yes, there are buses, but unless you are going somewhere specific and the bus takes you there, you are SOL.
Then along came the NOHO Express. It arrived with little fanfare in August. I was still taking the train...but thinking about the fact that I might actually be able to save a few minutes ...

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Dirty Sheriff, You Naughty Cop!

During the last March Maddness of 2008, LA Sheriff Officer Gomez, stopped me for a supposed California Roll at the corner of Gilbert and Rainbow Glen in Canyon Country. Ofr. Gomez stated I had driven through the stop sign at Rainbow Glen and Via Princessa too. During his testimony in court, Ofr. Gomez introduced a very vague video recording of the rightside of a car and a unclear picture of the driver.

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God Bless Our Guardians

3 officers dead, suspect killed in Oakland, Calif.
Saturday, March 21, 2009


OAKLAND, Calif. – A man wanted for violating his parole killed three veteran police officers and gravely wounded another in two shootings Saturday, the first after a routine traffic stop and the second after a massive manhunt ended in gunfire, authorities said. The gunman was also killed.

"It's in these moments that ...

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Are the Polices getting prejudice?

I have live in Valencia for more than twelve years. I watched the grow of the upper Valencia area and very proud to be part of the community. Unfortunately, being a minority in this community has the disadvantage, especially when driving nice looking import sport vehicle.

I was stopped by an officer at the corner of Magic Mountain Blvd and Valencia Blvd, who claimed my car was illegally modified. He pointed to ...

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