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Complete Guide To Best Pets For Apartment

Everyone loves being surrounded by people who love and care. Similarly, a lot of people like pets and they treat them like the family members of the family. These pets hold an important place in your life. With the passage of time these pets become familiar and frank with you then it becomes really difficult for you to separate. But there are a lot of problems that you face while having pets. One of the ...

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What To Do With Stray Dogs After Hurricane Irma?

It was complete tragedy when the strongest recorded storm hit the Atlantic. These storms are not just devastating and terrifying for us but also for dogs as well. Dogs have become strays when they were either left behind by their families fleeing the area or may have become separated from their families among all the commotion. There are many ways you can help the stray dogs after the hurricane hit, and you don’t need to ...

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*FOUND* Cocker Spaniel

Found 7/5 on Heller circle in plum canyon. He's male around 8 years old and 50+ pounds. No tags and no microchip. The vet said he was most likely an indoor pet because his claws were very long. He is good around other animals and kids. Was probably on a people food diet. He's not very interested in dog food and roaming around the house for scraps. Please email me if u have any info. ...

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Unenforceable Leash Law???

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and our dogs were on their daily evening walk around our neighborhood when suddenly 2 small dogs, off leash, ran out from a front yard and went after our leashed dogs. My husband was able to get the dogs away from ours and the lady who owns the dogs gathered them up and went into her house. About a week later while walking past the same house, but ...

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Castaic Pound

I was surprized that Castaic Pound does not put old pets in pain down anymore, so now you have to go to the vets and pay like $200 if not more and some people like us is a low income family that can't afford to do that so our 16 1/2 yr old lab has to sufer to her last day of life, because we can't afford it. We love our pets and we do ...

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