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Step Into The World Of Crypt-currency With Crypto-

 ‘Crypto-currency’ is a ‘Decentralized’ system of ‘Digital Money/Currency’ in which the transactions are secured, validated and recorded independently of a Centralized Banking System or anything. This concept was first used in 2008, by Nakamoto who is the developer of Bitcoin. He created a system where the entities were responsible to record and validate the transactions of digital money rendering the risk of ‘Double-spending’.
This one for beginners guide explains the whole concept of crypto-currency ...

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Follow your heart while choosing career

The admissions season in colleges and universities coming up in next months. It is very common in students that they look confuse to choose their career. After 12th, this time is the most important time for career. There so many common questions in students mind related to their career choices. Usually there are two kinds of choices in front of students. First which their parents want and the other one which they want to do. ...

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Open source vs proprietary- A guide to choosing th

Open source or proprietary is a question that has plagued business owners since times immemorial. Contrary to popular misconception, open source does not mean free. Its price is nowhere as close to a proprietary software but there are some advantages and disadvantages of both. These are some of the things you need to consider before picking your ESB platform.

Proprietary software often has an incredibly complex ...

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Plan For Your Dream House

Planning for a dream house requires a lot of consideration. Starting from location, choosing the best location for your house is a must. Then to Design, that is one of the hard decisions to make for the house owner. Design of your house reflects your character and preference you can choose from a variety of concepts and ideas around the world. Some magazine features a lot of unique and brilliant ideas on the house. Internets ...

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TOP 5 Tips to crack a job interview

Hello friends, today I am posting about how to crack a job interview. These tips are very useful for you. The most important & difficult part of a recruitment process is interview. Friends these tips come from my personal experiences. I faced many failures in recruitment process. Each failure teach you something new. Here we discuss about some of most important points which can help you.

1.Take a deep breath every time ...

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