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Homeschoolers in Santa Clarita

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The homeschoolers in Santa Clarita defy the stereotypes held by most people about them. Their work ethic is strong, their grades are incredible, and they are active participants in the community. Many of them start attending college classes at the young age of 13 and still manage to achieve high marks, and alongside school often are extracurricular activities such as leading local organizations and participating in artistic activities. And yet, under the guidance of multiple instructors and surrounded by familiar people, students attending normal public school sometimes do not get as far as these homeschoolers do. How Santa Clarita's homeschoolers accomplish so much is simple. They have learned to think of other than themselves.

As a long-time friend of more than twenty different homeschooled people - former and current - I have been able to experience first-hand the many effects of homeschooling. Not only are these students much kinder towards others, they seem to have more ease in public speaking and are comfortable in situations most public-schoolers would find awkward, such as handling problems with their parents' friends. Contrary to popular belief, these homeschoolers are more than happy to cooperate and work with others.

Many middle and high schools have required that students complete community service hours. For Santa Clarita's homeschoolers, service hours are not mandatory and yet they are incredibly active volunteers. For example, the Huck Healers, a youth Relay for Life team composed of mostly homeschoolers started at the Huckleberry Creative Learning Center, has held multiple fundraisers and campaigns for support of the American Cancer Society, despite nearly all its members being enrolled in multiple college courses.

At the end of the day or week, these hard-working homeschoolers still manage to find time for enjoyment. Many find fun in roleplaying (think Dungeons and Dragons), music, and their friends that they have made through community service and classes.

These students are absolutely remarkable despite all that society has set out to prevent them from moving forward without the assistance of traditional schooling. Even so, they have all achieved success already by defying the norm and bringing about kindness within our community.

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