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I can't believe I'm openly admitting this in my blog, but something really unfortunate happened to me a couple of days ago and I feel like I have to let it out.

I've changed the name of the person involved in this incident because I want to protect her identity ... and because I don't want to embarrass her in case she reads this blog.

Now that I have my back covered, let's get back to the story.

Three days ago I went to the gym and I ran into this sweet lady who I'm going to refer as "Betty." She's been very nice to me since I moved to SoCal, so every time I go to the gym I strike a conversation with her and tell her about my day.

During the middle of our locker room conversation, I noticed that her belly was unusually rounder and stiffer than normal.

My initial thought was, "Aww, she's pregnant! Good for her!"

Instead of congratulating her and asking her for the sex of the baby, I went with my next initial reaction...

I rubbed her belly.

The look she gave me after my hands touched the surface of her stomach let me know that she was NOT with child. She just put on some weight.

There's no happy ending to this story. "Betty" no longer talks to me. If there's anything that I learned from this unfortunate incident is that you shouldn't assume things off the bat. It might cost you a friendship.

Making new friends has been a little challenging for me since I moved. And it's not because I'm shy or anything like that.

Quite the contrary ... If you put me in a room filled with people I'll talk to all of them. And if there's a dog I'll talk to him too.

Except cats, they scare me.

Finding the right circle of friends is almost as hard as trying to find the right person to date.

I think I need to work more on my people skills.

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