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My friends back home are going to be pretty shocked when they read this.

My family will be in utter disbelief when they find out that,

I became a fan of country music.

How come no one told me that country music was like, the greatest thing since sliced bread? I seriously feel like I've been out of touch with reality.

Actually, I had a couple of friends that tried to get me into country a while back but, the song they played for me was about a guy doing wheelies in his pickup truck. I didn't have a car back then so I wasn't quite fond of the song.

Maybe I was just jealous that he had a car and I didn't, but whatever.

It took a random encounter with country group, Lonestar that made my musical taste buds soar. I was invited to attend a concert at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center this past weekend featuring country starlet SaraBeth and of course, Lonestar.

I was hesitant of going at first because...
Okay this is kind of embarrassing to admit but, I don't know anything about country music.

Like at all. I didn't even know who Willie Nelson was until a couple of weeks ago. I felt that I was going to snooze halfway through the performance because there isn't one song that I know. I don't even know half of a half of a song, if that makes any sense.

But when Lonestar came out and played, "Amazed," my heart completely melted. I'm not gonna lie, I got a little nostalgic and emotional after the song was over. I wish I had lighter with me at that moment, because all I wanted to do was light that sucker up and throw my hands in the air.

Since my encounter with Lonestar, I've been listening to a couple of more country songs. So far I've come across Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Faith Hill and Taylor Swift.

But I don't even think Taylor Swift really counts.


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