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Swampyville's - The "Greedyologists" among us!

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From the Swampyville Gazette!

Swampyville's - Reading Between the Lines!

Someone ask me when I retired what I was going to do? I replied;
"Oh! Sit around and watch the government take away everything
that I earned and give to those who didn't earn it"! They are
doing a real good job of that; especially, giving it to
those "Who Want It All"! Greed has become the new rage of the land!

What is Greed and who are the Greedyologists?

Greed is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods,
or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it
for one's self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival
and comfort. It is applied to a extremely high desire for
and pursuit of wealth, status, and power (to have it all).

As a secular psychological concept, greed is, similarly, an
inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs.
It is typically used to identify those who seek excessive
material wealth,; although, it also applies to those who need
to be more excessively social (Cocktail parties) or superior
(Elitists) to someone else. "That Progressive Thing" that's
being jammed down our throats!

OF POVERTY? (They are Progressive! Progressively getting


Inherited Traits of Congressional/Administration/Special
Interests Greedyopaths:

Constant failure, to conform to their own ethnic norms with
respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing
acts that would be grounds for prosecution of the COMMON people!

Deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of misdirection,
or conning others for their own personal profit or pleasure!

Willingness, to plan ahead on how to confiscate what belongs to
the people!

Aggressiveness, as indicated by repeatedly passing laws that will
benefit special interests (only), for reckless disregard for
what's best for the people and exempting themselves from the laws
that they pass!

Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure
to sustain consistent work performance and misappropriations of
what has been intrusted to them!

Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or making
false excuses for having hurt, mistreated, and confiscated funds
that belongs to the people!

Never passing any laws that will benefit all the people! (Name one!)
(Example of a law that would benefit all the people; replacing the
NOW corrupted Sixteenth Amendment with a "REAL" Fair Tax system - of
course, that will never happen!)

Many of those in Congress and the Administration have degrees in
Greedyology which they purchased with tax payer money from the Internet!
(Being facetious)

CASE IN POINT: "SEQUESTRATION" (Another Government Snow Job)!

SEQUESTRATION is the act of removing, separating, or seizing anything
from the possession of its owner (The People) under process of law for
the benefit of CREDITORS of or for the Government. (In my opinion, another
way of misappropriation of the Peoples funds!) (We have become a nation of,
by and for the Government/Internationalists and alas, most Americans don't

(Accursed hunger for Gold)

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