only good friends

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"Tang Han,Cheap authentic jerseys,replied:" to do with her mother and father, a man named Tang Rengu child rescue fund, a Chinese natural disaster relief fund. Course, you once the donor of a fund on the line. "

Shows two funds when the stadium's big screen, we were surprised by such a rich Tang Han hit basketball in poor health.

Buckley asked their thoughts and feelings.

Tang Han smiled: "like basketball it! Childhood like basketball, but a child to Miller as a target, huh, huh!"

Buckley and shrieking: "Never when Miller, no championship rings!! Hey, light Hamburg no Yeah, authentic nhl jerseys,you have to ask you a cup of cola." Buckley then amused fans in the audience laughing huh straight.

Tang Han of course, does not mean to buy a cup of cola, so called the staff to give the audience per person.

At this time, Smith gossip asked: "Don, you talk to Jessica and Scarlett, what is the relationship?"

Tang Han,Nike Elite Jerseys,laughed and said: "We are very good friends."Barkley, Smith and Miller "cut" a cry, and apparently quite believe it.

Tang Han no way, plus did not wish to conceal, and then said: "Well, I really like Jessica and Scarlett, but two liked this the next big problem, plus they can not to ensure that the future will not be like other women. So, we have only good friends. "

Jessica and Scarlett heard Tang Han said, his face full of smiles. Just this time, a television station's staff took a microphone to the two women.

Buckley asked: "Is that right, Jessica, Scarlett?"

Jessica and Scarlett nodded, Nfl jerseys wholesale,smiled and said: "Although John is not a good boyfriend and husband candidates, but indeed our good friend, but maybe one day, we became John's women friends maybe! "

Hear Jessica and Scarlett words, suddenly the audience burst amid the screams and whistles. This ball be glad to let the fans, not only saw a great game. Khan, pretty exciting right! Moreover, there is a bet and gossip can see. Just over half the value of the fare. But I am afraid that the fans like Jessica and Scarlett interested Tang Han unhappy.

At this time, Nfl jerseys china,Tang Han laughed and said: "Well, the game began, we should not gossip, continue watching the game!" Tang Han farewell Buckley trio returned to the bench. Tang Han conversation and Jessica, Scarlett, after all, are inappropriate.

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