Teachers with Tasers?
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With all the nuts going around shooting people these days, there have been lots of suggestions on what to do to stop them. Our local law enforcement in the Santa Clarita Valley has increased visits to schools but say they can't afford an officer there all the time. Some suggest the governor should request a national guardsman be posted full time at every school. Bringing back more gun control is a popular political ploy but that has been tried before without much result in the crime reduction stats. Most folks are not in favor of arming teachers and principals with guns I hear. Ok, why not give them the option to have Tasers? Maybe Zap the killers until the law comes and takes them away? Wouldn't that be better than hiding under a desk and hoping the killer will go away? Many of these whackos have ended their lives after ending other innocent lives so maybe the best thing is to capture them alive and punish them. Really punish them. Maybe getting caught alive is a bigger fear to them than the threat of getting killed?

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jackadams commented on Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 at 11:04 AM

Considering all the gear these guys wear, it's highly unlikely the taser's prongs would penetrate, much less be able to hold on long enough for the taser to take effect.

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