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Riding The Bus: Year Two
Last comment by elvacc 6 years, 4 months ago.

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Well, it looks like I made it through the winter once again. The North Hollywood bus stop is always at its worst, when I have to wait in the dark. That is a small price to pay, to use this fairly reliable and much more inexpensive transportation to get to work.
I blogged about the 757 line, here in this community section of The Signal, back in September of 2009. It was shortly after it was added to the City of Santa Clarita's schedule. They originally had just a few commuter buses and some city buses in use that year and the reliability was spotty. It is still not perfect, but with GPS tracking, it is much better then it was. They also added a tracking feature for your phone or computer and that more than anything else has helped, especially when choosing what bus stop to head for in the morning. I actually have a choice of 3 stops in the City Center area (Cinema Drive, Valencia Blvd at City Hall and then the McBean Transfer Station). Knowing how far away the bus is, makes the choice much easier.
I can't say what the fare will be after August, but for right now, the price I pay (full fare) round trip to North Hollywood Station is just $6.35 a day. That includes my transfer to the Metro Red Line Subway. Gas at this point in time would probably run me somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 right now. Of course that does not count insurance, maintenance, etc...
The best part, I get a chance to rest in the bus. Much appreciated both in the morning and late at night.
Thanks again City of Santa Clarita. It's a winner!

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