Preparing the Perfect Lobster

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If you’ve been fortunate enough to receive the gift of a lobster for some special occasion then you want to know how to prepare it.

The piece below will look into how to do just that and and make the most of your lobster dinner and gifts.

Here we will describe the proper preparation methods for grilling, boiling, steaming and poaching lobster in butter.

Preparing Boiled Lobster.

If you hope to serve juicy lobster meat, boiling is your best option.

1. You will need a pot large enough to accomodate the whole lobster with plenty of room to spare. Fill this with water and bring to a fervent boil. Follow this rule of thumb 6 - 8 pounds of lobster will require 16 to 18 quarts of boiling water. In other words, about 3 qts of water for every 1.5 - 2 lbs of lobster.

2. Add salt to the boiling water at 1 Tbsp. for each Qt. or Water.

3. Pick up the lobster by the sturdy rear carapace and gently place it in the water head first. If you are placing several different lobsters in the pot, you must try to get them situated without breaking the rolling boil in the pot. This will ensure they are cooked evenly and all ready at the same time.

4. Maintain an even rolling boil without covering the pot.

Boil for 8 minutes per pound of lobster in the pot. Then, add two additional minutes for each additional half pound after this, for as much as three pounds more. For each half pound after this, add another 2.5 minutes.

5. You can tell if your lobster is ready when:

The Color is Right -- the lobster will become a bright red when the meat is cooked thoroughly. But, color in itself is not enough, you should also check…

The antenna -- When cooked this will basically fall off with the slightest pressure.

The meat -- check the meat itself. The best place to check is the spot where the carapace and tail meet. If the meat is white and opaque, it is perfect for eating. If it is translucent, you know its not done yet.

6. Once the meat is cooked, Remove the lobster from the boiling water and place them in ice water for about 10 minutes


--Twist the claws free at their bas and the knuckles.

Using your kitchen shears, cut down the length of the knuckle and use a quality pick to remove the meat, you can also use your fingers. This is the best tasting meat in the lobster.

--Twist the tail off the lobster and lay it flat on the cutting board. Take a knife and slice it into the tip of the tail. You want to cut the tail in two all the way down in one smooth motion. Remove the meat from the two ope halves.

-Take those kitchen shears and frmly tap the shell on the claws, but not the actual price. This will allow the shell to break in half. Remove the meat from the claw and pincers by pulling it free.

-The torso can be kept and frozen for other cooking projects. The torso contains a lot of flavor and is the perfect start of a bisque or stock.

Preparing a Steamed Lobster

Steaming the lobster is another traditional way of cooking the prized crustacean. This method has been time honored for its simplicity and excellent results.

1. Begin with two inches of slta water at the bottom of a large stock pot or kettle. Bring this to a boil.

2. If you will be using the broth, add a sprig of thyme and a few of parsley as well. 1 cup of white wine, a clove of garlic, the juice of a entire lemon and finally a couple of good sized bay leaves.

3. Add the steamer rack.

4. Place the lobsters in the pot, for more than one, add them in largest to smallest and be sure the pot is not overcrowded.

5. Cover the pot and follow the directions to cook according to the weight. Shuffle them around to ensure an even cooking.

--For a full pound of lobster begin with 10 minutes of steaming. After this, for every quarter add another 2 minutes of steaming for up to 2 pounds more.

-Finally for every half pound of weight over 3 pounds add another five minutes of steaming.


Grilling a lobster requires only one big trick, don’t overcook the lobster. Moisture cooking like steaming and boiling preserves the natural juiciness of the lobster. This can be easily lost if left on the grill too long

Keep an eye on the lobster and once they change from a dark brownish, gray to a bright red, they are done. You may want to verify this by checking the meat in the tail.

Use a medium high-heat, between 350° and 400° F. IF you are cooking live lobster, be sure they have been dispatched before placing them on the grill.


To grill on a half shell you will need a seasoned butter or basting sauce on hand.

1. Preheat grill to medium heat, 350-400°F.

2. If you see that the tail is especially large, you will want to drop the lobster into boiling water for a full five minutes before plunging it inoto ice water to prevent and further cooking. You can then finish the job on the grill.

3. Once the lobster tail has cooled completely, place it on a cutting board with the soft underbelly upward. Slice down the middle from tail to torso all the way up the shell.

4. Loosen the meat from the shell a little with your fingers and then brush down the entire lobster with the herbal butter or seasoned basting sauce. Place the halves on the grill with the open side down.

5. After about 5 minutes, the color will change and the meat will be ready soon. You can then transfer the shells to the serving platter, cutting board or whatever dish you have planned to serve.

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