Do You Have Disney on Your Mind?

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Given how much fun the world of Disney has provided for decades, is it any wonder the brand continues to soar?

Those with a love of the Disney brand have a myriad of avenues to explore when it comes to enjoying all it has to offer.

Starting with the two main sites of Disney World and Disneyland, there is a lot of Disney to go around for everyone.

So, how are you going to enjoy Disney?

Internet is a Great Way to Learn More About Disney Opportunities

Whether you want to visit a Disney site, work for Disney, or talk with Disney fans, the Internet is a great resource.

First, you can go to either of the Disney websites at Disney World and Disneyland to learn info about the venues.

From there, have you thought about checking out the Disney enthusiasts blog?

Take note that this kind of blog offers those who love Disney a plethora of information on the following:

· Information on the respective parks

· Details about upcoming events and specials for Disney season pass ticket holders

· How to save money on Disney tickets and merchandise

· Best times of the year to visit both parks

· Where to stay and dine when visiting Disney World or Disneyland

By having all that and more information at your fingertips, your Disney experience is sure to be a winner.

Planning a Family Visit

Once you have all the pertinent Disney info on one or both parks, is it time to plan a family trip to one of them?

If so, your first step is finding the right time of year to visit.

In the event you are going to Orlando’s Disney World, the summer is oftentimes the peak time of year for visitors. You could also have to contend with the heat and humidity that Orlando is famous for that time of year. As such, you may decide it is a better idea to go over the winter holidays or the fall or spring.

When you visit Anaheim’s Disneyland, note summers are hot but minus a lot of humidity. You do get the rainy season in Southern California from December to February, so keep that in mind.

Another focus should be keeping your children happy during their visit to one of the venues.

Although your children will have fun at a Disney venue, they will also get tired at some point. Plan your park visit as best as possible, allowing your child to be at their best excitement level. This important when meeting Mickey and the other characters or taking to the rides.

It is also a good idea to check around and see where best to stay when your visit will be more than a day trip.

Both venues have hotels onsite, though you may want to stay offsite.

One of the advantages of staying onsite is that you can go back-and-forth to your room as needed during the day. This can be a good thing if your children need a little break from all the fun and excitement.

When you have Disney on your mind; use the Internet to set your plans in motion.

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