The Benefits of Boarding School Sports

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Part of the excitement of going to school is participating in the extracurricular activities. However, it can be difficult for some parents to see the benefits of investing time and money into after-school activities such as sports.

However, there is research suggesting that children who get involved in after-school programs, such as a sport they love, achieve higher levels of academic performance than students who do not.

To add to that, placing your child in a well-rounded boarding school, complete with extracurricular activities, advanced academics, and teachers that can provide more one-on-one attention than traditional public schools, is a great way to allow them to meet their fullest potential before attending university.

That said; let’s take a look at some of the benefits extracurricular activities in boarding schools provide.

1. It Opens Up Opportunities

There is no denying that some boarding schools have established themselves as the training place for some of the world’s best athletes. This is in large part because they typically offer a wider variety of sports than public schools.

For example, Crossfit, equestrian, gymnastics, outdoor education, surfing, these are just some of the unique sports offered at some boarding schools. These are sports that you child would not normally have access to in their public school.

Excelling in these sports opens the door to university scholarships and potential professional play if your child is good enough.

And remember, it was mentioned earlier that students tend to fare better in their academics when they get to play a sport they love. With the variety of options available at boarding school, your child is sure to find a sport they love.

2. Learn More Skills

Every student that attends boarding school is usually required to enroll in fitness or team sport, which eliminates the stress of having to decide whether investing your money into an after-school sports program, is ideal for your child.

Boarding schools feel that providing students with ways to become physically fit, build strong team relationships, and push their limits are meaningful skills that carry over into adulthood.

No matter your child’s skill level, there are after-school sports that meet their needs. For advanced players, there are varsity teams to challenge them, and for students new to the game, there are lower level teams that encourage your child to learn new skills and grow as a competitor.

3. Better Certified Athletic Trainers

Much like colleges, most boarding schools have certified athletic trainers on hand to help assist teams both on and off the court.

Aiding with things such as staying healthy and preventing and treating injuries, these certified athletic trainers ensure that your child is as safe as possible while taking part in their after-school sport.

What’s more, some athletic trainers help students with general health and wellness, such as how to eat healthy.

4. The Postgrad Year

Sometimes students complete all fours years of high school successfully, yet wish to stay an additional year (called the postgraduate year).

Often offered by boarding schools on the East coast, this postgrad year is especially helpful for students that are very involved in after-school sports.

Take a look at some of the benefits an extra year provides your child:

• Gain additional maturity before heading off to college
• Improve athletic ability to better qualify for college sports teams
• Advance academic skills, especially when something such as a severe illness or family crisis prevented them from doing as well as they had hoped
• Explore new interests in an attempt determine college aspirations

As you can see, there are many positive reasons your child may want to participate in a postgrad year at boarding school.

In the end, there are many reasons why enrolling your child in a boarding school that comes with mandatory extracurricular activities is beneficial, especially when it involves sports. Consider enrolling your child in a boarding school where they can receive a well-rounded education.

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