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What is a resume profile and how to write a good r

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A resume profile is similar to the title but has more content and can include 1-2 sentences as a summary about you. It can add an oomph factor to your resume. You can consider a profile like adding an elevator to a 10-story building. It can really help the hiring manager scan your resume clearly and quickly and give the complete idea about your achievements, qualities, and experience. You might think that it is a lot to include in just a statement or two. Yes it is, but you need to impress your hiring manager in few seconds only, isn’t it?

A professional profile improves the readability of your resume and is highly recommended by top resume writers. Some people also call the profile as a professional summary or a synopsis of your skills and expertise. You can choose to write a profile either as a paragraph or a bullet list, either one works to showcase your skills.

What is the difference between a profile, career objective, and a qualification summary?

While all may seem to be the same thing, it is certainly not so. All three of the above-mentioned sections aim to highlight your qualifications and grab the attention of the hiring manager. However, all of them employ different methodology.

A career objective includes the following elements –
It must be positioned at the center
It should be customized according to the job description
It usually includes 2-3 sentences.

Elements of a qualification summary –
It is more focused on the career and academic achievements
Mostly consists of 5-6 bullet points showing the top accomplishments
It targets the main keywords related to the job description

Things to include in a professional profile –
According to most resume writers, a profile must contain
A mix of both the qualification summary as well as the career objective
It can be written as a paragraph as well as a list
It is not written for a particular job position or description and is a general summary of you.

Four points to include in a professional profile –
You can add maximum five points to your profile and must limit the number of characters to 500 or less. Resume writers recommend that a professional profile must have these 4 points –

1. Years of experience or education – You should begin the profile with the number of years of experience you have. If you do not have an experience then the highest level of education degree should be written here.

2. Specialty or area of experience – The second most important thing to include in the profile is your specialty, certification or area of experience. Like you are expert at performing large enterprise audits etc.

3. Most strong and latest acquired skills – Showcase how you will be an asset to the organization. You must show off the skills that would contribute to the success of the organization.
4. Achievements -- Past educational and career achievements must be highlighted in the fourth point.
Use these steps in making an awesome profile for your resume.

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