Top Eco-Friendly Hotels in New Zealand

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In the past twenty years, more and more people are beginning to become aware of how their actions impact the environment. With the rise of the millennial movement, more and more businesses are making the plunge towards developing eco-friendly business models, including in the tourism industry. In fact, according to TripAdvisor, travelers are more inclined to search for green properties. On top of these, hotels with “Eco-Friendly” status, tend to receive 20% higher ratings from travelers. Now, there is no better destination whose residents cherish the eco-friendly culture than the Kiwi country, New Zealand. Join us on a digital New Zealand road trip as we explore the best eco-friendly hotels for your next vacation.

The Resurgence Luxury Eco Lodge
If you are looking to stay at the pinnacle of luxury and eco-friendly designs, start your New Zealand road trip with the Resurgence Luxury Eco Lodge. This stunning lodge touts great scenic views from each room, furnishings made from recycled timber, and even wool carpets that were made locally. The company designed their building with a water treatment plant in efforts to maximize their “green” efforts. There is no better feeling than enjoying the views of Kahurangi National Park from your own private bush suite.

Mount Tutu Eco Sanctuary
An eco-friendly New Zealand road trip would not be complete without a visit to Mount Tutu Eco-Sanctuary, one of the top-rated eco lodges in the entire county. The entire lodge only contains four separate wood cabins, all of which boast some great views of New Zealand nature. Nestled in the midst of a verdant green rainforest, whether a Kiwi or a traveler, this location defines the word retreat.

Lochmara Lodge in Picton
The last stop on our digital New Zealand road trip is in Lochmara Lodge in Picton. If you are seeking a centering experience, this nature retreat is a great destination. To start, the hotel itself is nestled on Lochmara Bay, where each room is positioned to offer breathtaking views. Whether you would like a view of the bay or the woods, the choice is yours. What makes this destination such a unique eco-friendly hotel is the local wild bird life and fur seals that surround the bay. In efforts to provide travelers with the most authentic experience, The Wildlife Recovery Centre protects wildlife around Lochmara Bay, including the blue penguin. Be sure to check out the Bathhouse on your visit here!

Plan Your New Zealand Road Trip Today!
Depending on what type of eco-friendly vacation you are looking for, New Zealand has it all. From off-the-grid hotels, resorts, to eco lodges, there is a reason why millions of tourists find their way to New Zealand each year. As you plan your New Zealand road trip, be sure to plan a few spots to nearby attractions, adventures, and cultural hot spots. Once you get a glimpse of the Kiwi life, you will quick learn what makes this island such a popular destination.

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