Decline in international student recruitments

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After several years of steady growth in numbers of foreign students in American universities, there are many institutions which predict a sudden decline in international enrolments. No unifying and consistent trends have emerged after conducting interviews with representatives of 2 dozen universities. However, there are some which report of a sluggish flow of international students from India and China, the two main countries which are touted to account for about half of all foreign students in the American universities. Besides, there is also a decline in the enrollment of Saudi Arabian students which saw a sharp rise in 2016 when the government of Saudi Arabia constricted some of the terms of their federal scholarship program.

At various colleges, the plummeting international student enrollment rates not only lessen due to the educational experience but they also set an effect on the bottom line. After surveying different colleges, majority of the international students pay full tuition costs at in case of government colleges, they usually pay an out-of-state tuition cost which is exorbitant. Hence, even limited declines might still throw a noteworthy impact on the colleges.

Mixed reactions from different colleges

Officials from American colleges have been nervously predicting the international enrollment numbers this fall. As per a national survey which was conducted by 8 groups of higher education, a mixed reaction was foretold by the surveyers where 40% of universities reported a decline in higher education applications while 38% reported an increase and 25% reported no such considerable change.

As far as the variables are concerned which leads to the fluctuation in the numbers of international student enrollment, there are many factors which play a role. Few of them are demographic shifts or national policies in the countries, sudden changes brought about to the nation’s scholarship programs and increased competition among students from different countries like Canada where institutions report soaring international enrolments during a time when American institutions are already struggling for the same.

Possible reasons for the sharp decline

Above all, you must be wondering about the increased concerns which are leading to this slump in international education requirements. Research reveals that the prospective students of 2017 are pretty concerned about their personal safety and they doubt about whether or not they will feel comfortable in the American universities.

The universities are also concerned about their future student’s ability to obtain a visa and whether or not there would be shifts to OPT (Optical Practical Training) and H-1B visa programs which offer sources for international students to reside in the US and even work after they complete their graduation. Moreover, it is seen that countries which offer us with sizable amount of students like China, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Korea have all reported a decline in numbers.

4 Tips to boost internationals student recruitment

With such above mentioned figures, university marketing becomes imperative without which there can be no improvement in foreign enrollment rates. Keystone offers easy academic solutions and alleviates the stress of international recruitment. Nevertheless, here are few trends to watch out for.

#1: Virtual Reality

This has been here for few years now and most of us are waiting for its failure. However VR has loomed larger in the gaming sector making vital stomps with technology. Virtual Reality has become common in higher education and there is one university which has lent Google cardboard to any person who inquired about them. This can be a great adoption in college campuses to help those students who can’t be present in person.

#2: Social Media

Yes, we all are doing it but the pace of change that we see in the social media is most important. Reports reveal that Snapchat grew the same amount in 1 year as Twitter did in 4 years. Hence, it’s crucial to have this as a vital part of international student recruitment strategy. Besides advertising opportunities, universities are taking a step ahead to make university offers to the students via social media.

#3: Print makes a comeback

With the kind of digital developments that we see today, receiving something in a printed format seems to be unusual. Anything that’s unusual will always stand out. Whenever universities invite students, 80% students cited that they received a postcard and they’re quite happy about it.

#4: Content led by students

Apart from all the trends, how they’re delivered is important and universities are using their present students to work for them. In fact, students can be instrumental in shaping the upshots. They are the ones who host webinars, create social media posts and also make phone calls. International students don’t seem to be typically convinced with glossy prospectuses and the informative videos are universities keep creating.

The international student ambassadors offer a free service to the incoming international graduate and undergraduate students by sharing their experience about studying overseas and living there. They do their best to provide vital information to the future students.

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