10 Tips For Building Self Esteem After Recovery

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Self-esteem is always a challenge even under normal circumstances, and if you find yourself in recovery from a surgery, an injury, or just a long bad span in life, esteem can become an even more challenging issue during the after process. In fact, it's not uncommon to feel like your own mind has turned against you.

The good news is that a few tips can go a really long way to helping you recover your self esteem after your recovery, and that is a major part of a full and complete recovery. Read on for some helpful tips that can help speed up the process, while smoothing it over, as well!

Tip #1: Time is on your side, so relax!
The quickest way to add unfair stress in your life is to expect everything to happen right away, or even that it should. There is no set schedule for recovery, and most people are far harder on themselves than other people are. Overcoming a wide variety of things like drug addiction, long-term illness, mental illness, or just recovery from an injury is an incredible accomplishment by itself.

Don't forget that fact, and don't expect everything else to fall into line right away. Concentrate on the "small" victories, realize they're not that small, then keep moving forward one day at a time.

Tip #2: It's normal to feel down in the beginning.
There's nothing wrong with you if you find yourself a bit in the dumps in the beginning. In fact, that is perfectly normal! You're not only changing negative long term habits but you are recovering physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and in ways that even change the very chemicals within your body. Don't use someone else as an example or think there's any set in stone time limit.

Each person's journey is their own, and it takes time to re-adjust, to get healthy, and to build yourself up. Don't let yourself get more upset because it's taking "too long." The point is to get there.

Tip #3: Self-esteem can only come from the inside.
So often we look for approval from people in our lives or around our lives, and while a nice word can help or be a nice boost, at the end of the day self worth can only come from us. At the end of the day when you look in the mirror and no one is around, you're the one who has thoughts and measures your self-worth.

Realize this, understand it, and build yourself up. Give yourself credit. It doesn't matter where other people are what matters is that you keep growing.

Tip #4: Step by step.
Small steps are important according to Sage Recovery Villa. They're achievable, they're goals and accomplishments that can stack up and grow, and they set the foundation for major changes that will come after. Especially when you're early on in the recovery process every little victory matters so enjoy them all! Even the smallest steps and goals really add up over time so don't underestimate how important these small victories are!

Tip #5: Feelings are real, but that doesn't mean your feelings are reality.
Just because you may feel like a failure at times, doesn't mean you are a failure. Every single person has good days and bad days, ups and downs, and while your feelings can be frustrating just remember that feelings do not equal facts. Take that to heart during the hard times and keeping moving on.

Tip #6: Learn to turn your negatives into positives.
So much of life can be determined by how you look at things. If you decide to look at the worst side of everything, it is going to be really hard to turn things around and get your momentum moving in the right direction. While having a positive point of view won't magically solve all your problems by any stretch, it will certainly make things easier in the long run.

There are going to be struggles, there are going to be times where you feel like you make a lot of progress followed by times that will be followed with feelings of struggle and frustrating. Learn coping strategies, make the conscious decision to focus on the good even when you feel like that's really stretching for a silver lining, because believe it or not that will absolutely help you out over the long haul and give you that extra bit of strength you need.

Tip #7: Occasionally reward yourself.
Simple pleasures like a small ice cream cone, a walk in the park, going to a movie you think looks good. A small reward for moving forward, a small reminder that there is more to life than just the struggle. Remembering that last part in particular is huge.

Tip #8: Don't waste your time with put downs.
You're not going to motivate yourself by putting yourself down, you're just going to mentally and emotionally wear yourself out or get in an unhealthy feedback loop. This type of self-criticism doesn't do any good and you need to make sure you're not stewing in your own toxic thoughts. If you find yourself slipping in this trap don't put yourself down, but concentrate on breaking that unhealthy cycle and eventually that positive step will become second nature.

Tip #9: See things as they are, not through filters and distortions.
It is so easy to choose to take a situation and interpret it in the worst possible light, to distort someone's words or actions to make them worse, or to re-write a memory of even the last day. This almost always leads to negative outcomes and it should be stopped. Yes, learning from your errors is a good thing but make sure they're actually your errors. Don't put yourself down when you haven't done something wrong and don't attribute to malice what can also be explained by indifference, misunderstanding, or incompetence.

We all make mistakes. We all learn from them, and most people think about their mistakes or dwell on them in embarrassment long after everyone else has forgotten about them. Don't filter or distort the past or the present. See things as they are, learn, and move on. It's a process but you can do it.

Tip #10: Finally, focus on hopeful and positive outcomes.
There is so much potential in the world, so many things we can make better, so many lives we touch no matter where we are or where you find yourself in life. Look ahead to the best things you can imagine, the best possible outcomes, and let that help guide you to the future. Small steps and accomplishments do add up and as you keep moving forward small victories lead to larger ones, learning to set goals and make them, and this process isn't the end but it's only the beginning of something great.

Remember: there's a lot more to life than the struggle.

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