Do I Need to Sell my House? Advice from Roy Dekel

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I need to sell my house, am I ready? If you've been asking this question, you should relax because the market is ripe for homeowners. The market data available today indicates that most of the homes that have been sold didn’t spend more than a month on the market.

Experts in this field who have a thorough understanding of this business like Roy Dekel of Setschedule, it can be wrong to make a decision to sell the house based on market conditions alone. It’s important that you consider your personal situation before making the decision. Here are some indicators that you are ready to put that house on the market.

Find out if Home equity is on your side through Setschedule

To know whether you are financially prepared to sell your home, it’s important to consider the home equity. During the previous housing bubble, most homeowners were devastated by negative home equity. This implies that a huge number of people with houses at that time had bigger debts than what their homes were worth.

In general, real estate experts like Roy Dekel says it’s unwise to sell a house when you have negative equity. At the same time, if you’ve just broken even its not a good time to sell either. As a rule of thumb, don’t sell a home if these two situations are describing your current portfolio. The only time you can sell is when you are trying to avoid a foreclosure of bankruptcy.

Over the last few years, the value of homes has been on the rise and this is great for homeowners who want to build equity on their homes. When the market is stable, the equity continues to rise as you pay down the mortgage loan.

To estimate your current equity, take a statement of your mortgage loan and compare that to the prevailing market prices of your home. Instead of using online sources for a comparison, it’s better to consult a real estate agent or tap into vast information available through marketplaces like Setschedule for an accurate estimate.

You are in a position to purchase a home that blends with your current lifestyle

When you are considering selling your current home, it’s important to figure out if its meeting all your needs. If you are starting a family, maybe it’s time to move to a bigger house that will be enough for a bigger family. But if all your kids are grown up and they’ve all moved out, getting a smaller house can be a great idea.

If you are one of the empty nesters, it’s important to sell the home when the rates are still low. This makes it easy to purchase a smaller house and invest the remaining cash in your retirement plan.

I need to sell my house. Am I ready prepared? Advice from Roy Dekel

While the numbers may be showing that it’s the perfect time to sell a home, you must be emotionally ready to sell. Getting your house ready for buyers takes some significant work and you should be ready to maintain it at its best for months when buyers come for viewing.
The hardest part is hearing all the reasons why each buyer thinks that home isn’t a good choice. In addition, you should be ready to engage potential buyers in price negotiations.

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