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Premier Dead Sea Review - 25 Years of Excellence

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Premier Dead Sea has been at the forefront of providing effective skincare by blending the best of natural skin care and advanced scientific research in skin care. The brand focuses on infusing the timeless wisdom of nature as manifested in the mineral-rich waters of Dead Sea. With the goal of bringing top quality skin care and cosmetic products to customers, Premier Dead Sea has been expanding its product line steadily.

The Brand’s Dead Sea Connection

In 1990, the Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories were established by a group of dermatology and cosmetology experts. The company differentiated itself by focusing and promoting the unique, inimitable, and natural rejuvenating and healing effects of the Dead Sea’s water on the human skin. The Premier Dead Sea brand was established in 1993.
The Dead Sea was formed more than a million years ago. Located in the middle of the African Fault, the Dead Sea is regarded as the first natural center for skin care in the world. The water of Dead Sea is a lot more saline than usual sea water. It contains 32% salts (as compared to 3% salts in regular sea water).

The high concentrations of magnesium, bromide, calcium, and potassium make Dead Sea's water thoroughly rejuvenating and refreshing for human skin. It is known to relax nerves, reduce rheumatic discomfort, and nourish the skin. Also, the high concentration of salts in the Dead Sea's waters causes the human body to float effortlessly on it, delivering well-renowned physiotherapeutic benefits.

A Global Brand Rooted in The Magical Waters of Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea’s skin care expertise stems from the natural wisdom exhibited in the waters of the Dead Sea. Over the years, the brand has positioned itself as a bridge between the miracle healing powers of the Dead Sea and cosmetic store shelves that package the benefits for people across the globe.

Premier Dead Sea's cosmetic products are shipped and sold in all major countries of the world that are spread across all geographies, apart from its country of origin - Israel. The brand has regional websites to disseminate information locally, apart from selling products in local markets.

A Stellar Range of Acclaimed Skin Care Products

Premier Dead Sea's expansive range of 400+ products includes cleansers and toners for all skin types, moisturizers that nourish and repair dried and dead skin, serums that heal skin flaws, and masks that help users cleanse their skin from deep within. Apart from skin care, Premier Dead Sea also offers eye and neck care creams, complete body care packs, kits for hand and nail care, and complete hair care packages. It also offers skin care and personal hygiene and grooming products for men. A total of 21 minerals are used in the Premier Dead Sea range of products, with 12 of them extracted right from Dead Sea, the source of natural rejuvenation and healing for skin.

Some of the more renowned products of Premier Dead Sea include Ageless Future Snake Venom Anti Age Kit, which contains a unique snake venom peptide that delivers unmatched anti-ageing effects. Another world renowned product from this brand is Masca Negra, made from 100% natural plant fiber, and nourishes damaged skin like a charm, apart from helping overcome the signs of ageing. Biox Ultra is another acclaimed Premier Dead Sea product, which serves as an alternative to Botox injections. Its anti-wrinkle effects by relaxing the facial muscles, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The Strong Brand Image of Premier Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea's R&D team is a massive enabler for the brand to come up with groundbreaking and super effective skin care solutions and cosmetic products ever so often. Also, its R&D team collaborates with bright minds from medical skin care and skin-care product market, apart from EC laboratories, to push the mantle further ahead in terms of product innovation. Its products comply with the strictest quality standards in the global market.
The research efforts of Premier Dead Sea in creating anti-ageing skin creams and solutions that actually deliver visible benefits have brought it several accolades. In sync with its image as a brand reverent of nature’s powers, Premier Dead Sea deploys energy conservation means and methods at all its facilities, apart from using recycled material for product packaging.

25 Years of Excellence, and Still Going Strong

A testimony to Premier Dead Skin’s products quality is the fact that the brand has held on to its reputation as a market leader in the space for 25 years now with excellent reviews by its customers. To commemorate the amazing success, Premier Dead Sea brought on Mariah Carey as a brand ambassador. The internationally acclaimed pop star and actress is gave a massive push to the brand’s product sales in Israel after her appearance in a public event to celebrate the silver anniversary. No wonders, the future looks as bright as ever for this brand.

Premier Dead Sea’s Philanthropic Efforts

Premier Dead Sea is a name that makes the news for more than one good reasons. Apart from its ever-blossoming reputation for the best of natural and scientific skin care, Premier Dead Sea also excels at CSR activities, For instance, close to 10% of the earnings of the company are donated for the welfare and upliftment of the less fortunate sections of the society. The brand has won a total of 18 internally acclaimed and coveted prices in skin care and cosmetics category. These prizes add to the list of merit badges and commendations received by Premier Skin Care since its inception in 1993.

Concluding Remarks

Over the years, Premier Dead Sea has strengthened and maintained its reputation via online reviews as a brand that combines the power of nature with its scientific excellence to create unique and luxurious skin care and cosmetic products. Tireless effort to continually improve product quality and expand its product line to deliver a wider range of cosmetics to its customers makes Premier Dead Sea a unique premium cosmetics brand.

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