Fast Service Is Essential In The Food Industry

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There are far too many factors to account for in the management of a business, but speed is one that comes up in just about any industry; it is, however, especially true that restauranteurs must maintain an environment whose rhythms are relentless and reliable. The following are reasons why quick and efficient service is absolutely necessary for any restaurant to stay afloat in the current, fast-paced and highly-competitive industry; they attempt to articulate not only why this is essential, but ways to go about avoid particularly poignant scenarios in which customers and staff can leave feeling dissatisfied.

1. Customers Are Always On The Move

Nobody likes waiting for their meal to arrive at a dining establishment, but the truth of this statement is amplified tenfold when you factor in the possibility of someone being in a rush. Moreover, the frequency of customers has increased exponentially in recent years. While patrons used to reserve the restaurant experience for special occasions (e.g. large gatherings of people for a birthday or other kind of celebration), public life has changed a great deal; indeed, people tend to dine alone and on a whim as of late. Gone are the days of reservations and the ability to anticipate large volumes of customers. Additionally, people dining alone are more likely to be in a hurry and desire places with faster service. So, for a business to be successful in an ethos where even fine dining is potentially “fast food,” it’s imperative to always maintain a sense of urgency.

2. Slow Service Means Cold Food

It goes without saying that people dislike seeing their food slowly perish under a heat lamp a few meters from the very table they are occupying. Such a scenario is not uncommon: when servers slow down, for one reason or another, it’s likely that they won’t get orders out as quickly as they ought to. But when the food becomes cold or below a restaurant’s standards in some regard, this necessitates remaking the meal, which could further slowdown the entire process. In extreme cases, patrons could even request to be comped for their meal.

3. Slow Or Analog Technology Is Bad For Business

Comps and order re-dos are not only bad for the business financially, they flood kitchen’s ordering software, as well as the POS (point of sale) system with unnecessary messages and procedures, potentially freezing the entire operation if requisite software updates are not current; if this is the case, it’s vital to discover the latest restaurant payment options by researching current trends in point of saleterminals – for example, there are vast differences between a standard POS terminal and those that have other functions, such as built-in organizational tools to help one manage the entirety of the restaurant with specialty table-tracking interfaces. Not only will they get servers moving to and fro more quickly, any specifications made by patrons can easily be tracked and carried out. But do keep in mind that, no matter how new your touchscreen POS systems or hospitality EPOS systems may be, they require careful maintenance, as day-to-day usage can incur a great deal of wear and tear.

4. There’s Always A More Efficient Restaurant Around The Corner

If one thing is certain, it’s that there is always another option when it comes to dining out; most patrons are quick to judge, and as a result, your restaurant can become known for having slow wait times with just a handful online reviews. Even worse, these bad Yelp reviews could potentially jeopardize a whole slew of potential customers from coming in, such that your restaurant’s reputation is beyond repair. Doubtlessly, service ought to be prioritized – from the very beginning of their restaurant experience to the moment they walk out the door, your customers ought to feel like they are both cared for and in the hands of a responsible, considerate server who is quick on their feet.

5. Kitchens Are Too Easily Overcrowded

If your servers are too preoccupied with the logistics of diners – where people are sitting, which bill goes where, what allergies may be lurking, and so forth – then it’s likely that there won’t be enough moments to spare for them to get the actually food over to a table in a timely manner. Not only that, the more food left unattended subsequent to its preparation, the more likely it is that a kitchen’s counter space will become too overcrowded for the back of house staff to handle with a sense of calm; this could potentially cultivate a hazardous environment and lead to a situation in which the once-organic relationship between back and front of house is irreparably strained.

Speed is not just a supplementary or optional element for a restaurant – it determines a great deal of the dining experiencing and should not be overlooked. From the physical health of diners with dietary restrictions to the mental health of your employees, it’s clear that speed determines the well-being of just about every element in a restaurant; this is precisely why each team member, their training, and the equipment they use ought to cater to the upkeep of a swiftly functioning enterprise.

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