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4 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse in Order

Managing a warehouse is a major responsibility. If that happens to be your job, you know the important of keeping everything clean, tidy, and in order. Here are four tips that will help make your job a little easier.

Coming Up With a Workable Floor Plan

The layout for the warehouse is one of your primary concerns. The goal is to make the best possible use of the vertical and horizontal space and ensure there is always room to keep the finished goods organised. Measure the square footage and determine how to create aisles that allow you to reach each of the pallets in individual lines with ease. Along with making it easier to get to anything that needs to be prepared for shipment, you’ll also shorten the amount of time it needs to pull the right items and put the rest back in place.

Investing in the Right Types of Lifts

Ideally, you should have a minimum of three forklifts for even a smaller warehouse. One can be an standard sized lift that is used for most of the organizing an pulling. You also need a narrow aisle lift for those times when the finished goods are stacking up and you have to squeeze in a spare line here and there. Remember that having a manual pallet jack to use when the electric lifts are being charged is also a good way to keep the place in order.

Assigning Cleaning Duties

Every employee assigned to the warehouse should have a list of cleaning duties that are performed daily, weekly, and monthly. Dividing the chores among the team members ensures no one person is left with more than enough to accomplish. It also means that if someone is out sick for a few days, it’s easy enough to allocate his or her tasks among the rest of the crew instead of it all falling on the shoulders of one person.

Instituting Inspections

As the warehouse manager, it’s up to you to ensure everything gets done. The best way to verify that everything is taken care of is to hold weekly inspections. You will literally walk through every area of the warehouse with a checklist and determine if all the cleaning is done.

From confirming that the lines of finished goods are arranged properly to making sure that the commercial floor cleaner machine was used to leave the floor free of excess grime and dirt, there should be nothing left undone before the team leaves on Friday. That ensures the place is ready for action when Monday morning arrives. It will also help reduce the potential for accidents due to a lack of proper cleaning or arranging.

Remember that an orderly warehouse is an efficient one. By taking time to keep things in their proper place and seeing to the routine cleaning, you and your team will save time and frustration along the way. Depending on how well you do, somebody higher in the company chain of command may notice and decide that you and your team members deserve a raise.

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