5 Great Things to Do With Your Basement

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Ever since you purchased the home, the basement has been used for storage. Have you considered that the space could be put to better use? There are a number of ways you can finish the basement and turn it into an area that your entire family will enjoy. Here are five suggestions to consider.

Family Room

One of the more common ways many people are putting their Mississauga basements to good use is converting them into family rooms. Once the floor and walls are sealed and you add some decorate touches, the place will be ideal for a large screen television, lots of comfortable seating, and maybe even a kitchenette at one end. The entire family can settle in to watch a movie and have access to snacks without having to go upstairs to the kitchen.

Game Room

Another possibility is to convert the basement into a game room. Once a professional finishes the space, moving a pool table into the basement will be a great way to include leisure space in the home. Consider adding a couple of tables so family members and anyone you invite over can play board games or spend a few hours playing cards. Since you have space specifically set aside for playing games, you will never have to wonder which closet currently houses the board game that you want to play tonight.

Guest Suite

Do you have loved ones come to town from time to time? Instead of having them sleep on a pull-out sofa or stay in a local motel, why not finish the basement and turn it into a guest suite? The finished basement can include a small kitchen area, a full bath, and still have room for a comfortable bed and a couple of chairs to use as a sitting area.

Craft Room

Are one or more members of the family into handicrafts? At present, it’s necessary to keep everything in the closet and pull it out when someone wants to work on a project. If you choose to clear out the basement and have it finished, it will be easy enough to invest in work tables, storage cabinets, and open shelves for all those craft supplies. Any project in progress can be left on the table until it’s finished.

Additional Bedroom

Do you have an older child who is tired of sharing a bedroom with younger siblings? The basement would make a fine bedroom for that child. As a way of helping the one who will be leaving home first get a taste of independence, providing a bedroom that is all his or her own is a good move. The younger sibling will probably like the idea of having some private space too.

Take a look at your basement today. What could you do with the space? Once you have an idea, call a professional and make it happen. Once the space is being used for something other than storage, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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