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3 Practical Reasons to Have More Than One Forklift On Hand

Your manufacturing facility may not be the largest in the land, but it does take the right type of equipment to keep the place running properly. Along with your production machinery, you also need to have more than one forklift on hand at all times. There are plenty of reasons to invest in more than one lift if you think about it. Here are three examples to get you started.

Easier to Keep the Warehouse Organized

When you have finished goods on hand to fill orders, it pays to have everything arranged in a logical and orderly fashion. Doing so makes it all the easier to pull the right containers when the time comes to prepare an order for shipment. You’ll find that with large orders, it pays to have more than one lift driver working on pulling those goods. While one works on locating and transporting goods to the loading dock, the other can be returning any other containers to their proper spots. The result is that you never have to guess where a specific container happens to be and pulling the next order will be equally easy.

Managing Inbound or Outbound Shipments With Greater Efficiency

Your company relies on inbound shipments to replenish the supply of machine parts and raw materials. Outbound shipments are the way you get goods on the way to your customers. What happens if your loading dock is packed with freight haulers who are there to pick up orders as well as haulers who are delivering the goods you ordered?

The most practical approach is to have two Combilift forklifts on hand. One can be working on loading each of those outbound orders while the other is transporting the inbound goods to the proper storage location. This reduces the wait time for the haulers and allows you to clear the loading dock faster. That’s especially important when you have more pickup scheduled for later in the day.

Deploying Raw Materials to the Production Floor Without Delays

The time will come when the raw materials must be removed from storage and relocated to some area of the plant floor. Some of the spots set aside for those locations near the machinery are somewhat tight. That’s where having narrow aisle lift trucks on hand make a difference.

The smaller trucks can slide a pallet of materials into position much easier than your larger lift. Thanks to the ease of the operation, your team can have the materials ready for use in less time. That in turn helps makes it easier for your employees to meet their production quotas.

These are only a few of the reasons why your small operation would benefit from having two or more forklifts on hand at all times. Talk with an expert and assess the way your operation is managed today. It will be easy to spot situations in which one or two additional lifts will speed up the process and allow you to accomplish more per shift of operation.

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