Curb Road Crashes in the United States

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Two Important Ways Mothers Can Help to Curb Road Crashes in the United States

Mothers all over have been discovered to have a very deeply rooted relationship with their children. If one considers the fact that a mother carries the child in her womb for a period of nine months before delivery, then we may safely assume that the chemistry of the special fondness between children and their moms started right inside the womb.

Taking this relationship between a mom and her child into consideration, it won’t be out of place if we conclude that a mom will feel the impact of a child’s death more than the dad.

Unfortunately, however, we have not been utilizing this relationship to the fullest. As a mom, you are aware that the love between you and your child has created a kind of situation where you have a special influence you can exert.

What then is stopping the use of that opportunity to save these children from the untimely deaths that result from these rampant and unwarranted road crashes all over the United States?

It is on record that the highest number of road crashes in the United States is among the teens and results from carelessness on their part. We should, however, also take note of the crashes that result from failure of the car systems.

The special leverage nature has accorded the mom can be utilized to stem this colossal loss to humanity not only in the United States but the world at large.

Talking about these two types of crashes and deaths that occur from them, what ways can moms help out in curbing the crashes?

Moms can do a lot of service to humanity at large by working seriously on the following two ways.

Formation of a mothers’ union

If mothers in the United States can form an association meant for women alone, this will go a long way to redress a lot of problems associated with our teens. The union will be expected to be the mouthpiece of all women.

It should be formed at the local, state, and federal levels. The union will afford mothers the opportunity to bring up their own ideas on issues and then put up such ideas as bills or motions for the house to debate upon with the view of making them into laws.

This type of gathering can be used to make sure that legislation on auto shipping especially as they regard the quality of cars that are shipped into the different states by the car shipping companies are strongly adhered to.

The union will also be able to look into the different legislations by the states on the issue of teens handling cars such as the age limit, night driving duration, and the number of passengers allowed to be in the car with the teen.

Moms can also use this union as a force to make sure that every vehicle transport company has in place a safety driving section where the teens will acquire the nitty-gritty of handling cars.

If this type of union is put in place it will greatly complement the effort of the United States Federal Motor Safety Department. No car shipping company will try to ship in a malfunctioning car with the aim of depositing it on a gullible buyer.

Role modelling

As a mom and knowing fully well of the bond that exists between you and the child, you will be very careful about your habits because the child being so drawn by you will expectedly pick most of your actions.

It will be a bit difficult to convince any child that some certain actions of the mom are rather bad especially at tender ages. Quite a handful of our teens picked drinking habits from homes and drunken driving has taken its own toll of road crashes.

Even a lot of children pick driving tidbits from you as a mom without you knowing. They simply watch and observe what you do when driving and file such knowledge in their brains only to apply such when doing their own driving.

You must endeavor to portray the best side of you, especially when driving while your child is in the car. Acts of impatience should be totally discouraged and carefulness should be made your watchword.

Moms for sure with a little more effort and dedication can bring about very safe highways in the United States. It only requires a more concerted effort. Nothing should be seen as too little or too big in your effort to ensure that our children are not killed on the roads.

Even when they do not die in the crashes a huge amount of resources is being wasted in terms of damaged cars and hospital bills for rehabilitation apart from time as a resource that is wasted.

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