How to Advertise and Market Your Rental Property

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Renting property has the potential to become a great investment, providing you take the steps to do it correctly. One of the most important – and often overlooked – aspects of renting property is advertising.
While you could once get away with posting an advert in the local classifieds or in the window of an estate agents, advertising requires a more nuanced approach than it did in the past. It’s certainly worth taking the time to properly market your property, as it gives you the best chance of finding quality tenants that provide you with the desired income.
Check out below for some handy tips on how to best advertise and market your rental property:
Know who to target
Just like any service, it’s important to target towards a suitable market. The renters market is large and varied, so you will have a few options to choose from, although aspects such as the location, property quality, and your desired income, will influence this.
For instance, if your property is nearby to a college or university, then you may want to advertise towards the student market. Of course, those with permanent are the most desired renters, as they are more likely to be a secure source of income.
Get accreditation
If you don’t already, joining a professional landlords’ association to gain accreditation is a great way to better market your property. The main reason for this is that accreditation highlights you belong to a professional body, so are held to high standards as a landlord.
It’s a simple yet effective way to get more interest in your property, as it’s a clear sign you are an honest and reliable landlord.
Use property websites
An obvious choice but one still worth mentioning – property websites are one of the best ways to advertise your property. There is an abundance of great websites, ranging from massive sites like to smaller sites such as SpareRoom, which allows you to advertise for free!
Should you belong to a Landlords association, they will likely have some website recommendations to advertise on. Be sure to take some professional quality photos to best advertise the property on any website, including enough images to cover most of the property.
Hire a letting agent
While they do charge fees for their services, hiring a letting agent is great way to advertise your property. Not only will you be featured in their shop window, but also in classifieds and various websites.
Some may think this is rather old-fashioned, but it’s still one of the surest ways to advertise your property, especially if targeting a certain demographic.  Letting agents will have a great understanding of the local market of your property, and they do much of the hard work for you.

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