Advantages of Fenbendazole and Oxfendazole

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Fenbendazole belongs to a category of drugs known as anthelmintics. Fenbendazole is often abbreviated as "FBZ". This anthelmintic is commonly used to eliminate numerous gastrointestinal parasites from large to small animals. They include animals from household pets to horses on farms.

Fenbendazole is presently available over the counter but should not be administered unless under the supervision and guidance of a veterinarian. It should also not be used in animals with known hypersensitivity or allergy to this drug.

Fenbendazole is known to be quite effective against roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, certain tapeworms and parasites called strongyles and Strongyloides. In the case of household pets, dogs and cats may be infected with parasites subclinically and show no signs at all.

For household pets such as dogs and cats, 25 mg per pound (50 mg/kg) daily for three consecutive days is normally effective. It can be used in puppies, debilitated dogs, pregnant females and heartworm-infected dogs.

Vomiting may infrequently occur in dogs or cats receiving fenbendazole. Single doses (even at exaggerated doses) are not effective in dogs and cats; you must treat for at least 3 days. The medication can be mixed with a small amount of the animal's food. Make sure your pet eats all of the medicated food for full effectiveness of the dewormer therapy.

Drug Interactions - Oxfendazole or fenbendazole should not be given concurrently with the bromelain flukicides (Dibromsalan, Tribromsalan). Abortions in cattle and death in sheep have been reported after using these compounds together.

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