Essay: The Greatest Bargain of My Life

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It was a rainy, foggy afternoon, and I was on my way to take a walk in the local shopping centre with my nephew, Ziggy, who enjoyed these walks. It was almost a tradition for us to go for a walk together at least once a week. Every time we would go on a walk together, we would stop and buy ice cream or cotton candy, and discuss the new and interesting occurrences in our lives. Our discussions often ranged from birthday parties, to family vacations and field trips he had gone on. When we went to that shopping centre, we usually visited a small arcade by the movie theatre to play games, as it was one of Ziggy’s favorites. But on this particular day, Ziggy asked to visit the pet shop instead.
We walked along the store fronts until we reached a shop called “Pets and friends”. As we entered the shop, we were greeted by a friendly store clerk who had asked us if we were looking for anything in particular. I told the clerk we were just looking around, and thanked her for her assistance. Animals of various sorts were arranged in cages and crates around the store. There were rabbits, birds, turtles and even hamsters. I had barely noticed that Ziggy was standing with a store clerk and holding a puppy.

As I walked over to him, Ziggy excitedly explained that the store clerk offered to sell him the puppy for a low price if we adopted the puppy today. I knew my sister, Ziggy’s mother, would not approve, and so I asked Ziggy if I could adopt the puppy instead. Upon hearing my question, Ziggy thanked me with the widest smile I had ever seen. The store clerk arranged food and a toy for the puppy, as Ziggy happily carried the puppy in his arms. Although we got a great bargain on the price, adopting this puppy gave me a sense of fulfillment and joy, as I knew from the moment I saw him, this puppy would go on to become my best friend.

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