US Northeast States Now Consume More Natural Gas

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US Northeast States Now Consume More Natural Gas for Electricity

In the U.S., the Northeast states which consume a large proportion of America's annual electricity are now using less coal and a greater amount of natural gas to power electricity plants.

In what the EIA - Energy Information Administration referred to as a dramatic ten-year shift, the nine states which include New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhodes Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, have doubled the total volume of natural gas that is used to produce electricity. At the same time, coal-fired power dropped from 31 to 11 percent.

The rise in supply of low cost natural gas produced from Marcellus Shale and other regional shale plants has drastically reduced the demand for coal in the US Northeast. Analysts have observed that as the supply of natural gas continues to increase, there will be a greater incentive to abandon coal.

Environmental policies at the regional and federal level including production tax credits, the Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the renewable portfolio standards are all contributing to the reduction in the volume of coal generation. Also, the shift from oil and coal to natural gas supports the reduction of carbon emissions.

In the meantime, President Donald Trump's planned policy to increase infrastructure spending by at least one trillion dollars can increase energy production domestically. This will most likely increase the amount of electricity produced with natural gas in the U.S., according to industry analysts.

Although the prices could drop and affect the profile of natural gas investors, it will be beneficial to both domestic and commercial electricity consumers in the region. This will allow utility companies to offer flexible rates and lower prices to consumers as advertised in various sales promotions like the one in the Josco Energys commercial video.

Northeast states have supported the changes that are now transforming the way electricity is generated and delivered throughout the U.S. according to a report by Bradley and Associates, a company that specializes in environmental consulting. The report shows that the region has experienced a significant shift in the composition of resources used to generate electricity, with renewable energy and natural gas displacing older oil and coal fired plants.

Natural gas is gradually taking over a larger share of the power mix across the globe, and what is happening in the Northeast is just a reflection of this. International Energy Agency predicts that the use of natural gas will increase by more than 50 percent and eventually be responsible for about a quarter of the electricity production globally by 2035.

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