5 Ways to Raise a Healthy and Happy Dog

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Keeping your dog happy and healthy is not a difficult task. By nature, dogs enjoy being around their owners most of the time. But you should not take this for granted. You should invest the time, effort and resources required to improve the health and well being of your pet. Here are five ways to do this.

1. Pick the Right Type of Puppy

Choose a puppy that is appropriate for your temperament and the environment where the dog will live. Some of the important factors to consider when selecting the breed of your dog include: the presence of kids in your household, the amount of exercise the dog needs, the functions you want your dog to perform, and any health problems connected with various breeds.

2. Don't Take a Puppy That is Too Young

No matter the type of dog you choose, you should avoid taking a puppy that is less than eight weeks hold. Puppies learn some of the most important lessons about socialization from their parents. A good example is how to control the intensity of their bites. When little puppies play together, they learn to control themselves better. This is very important if you intend to raise your puppy in a home with little kids.

3. Give Your Dog Adequate Daily Exercise

Regular exercise will not only keep your dog fit and healthy, it will also help it to have a balanced temperament. The amount of exercise that dogs need varies by age, breed, and their state of health. But it is essential to take your pet out for daily exercise. A good rule of thumb is to provide a way for the dog to have at least 30 minutes of physical exercise daily. Exercise will help you to raise a Happy Pooch and give you a chance to develop a strong bond. If you already have a daily exercise routine, you can incorporate your dog's exercise into it.

4. Provide Obedience Training

It is very important to teach your puppy to obey your commands. Simple but vital commands like come, sit and stay are compulsory aspects of your puppy's training. Helping your dog to learn how to obey your instructions will not only enhance its safety but also help to improve the quality of relationship between the two of you. It will also give your puppy the type of mental stimulation needed for proper brain development.

5. Feed Your Dog With High Quality Food

A very important dog raising tip is to feed your pet with the best type of diet you can buy. It is risky to save money on your pets food and feed it with unwholesome low quality food. This will eventually increase the cost of your vet bill. Instead, you should try to provide high grade dog food, especially the healthier grain-free preparations. Stay away from animal derivatives and hydrolysed meat protein.

Raising a healthy and happy puppy can be a very rewarding and exciting adventure. If you follow these tips and consult your vet or pet specialist regularly, you should be able to maintain a well behaved dog.

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