4 Classy Rosés To Toast The Sunset

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Perhaps the most universally beloved thing about the summer is the gorgeous sunsets that it rewards us with at the end of each day. There's literally nothing better in the world than sitting down with friends or your partner at the end of a long day to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sun go down. The cool thing about the stunning pink sunsets of the summer is that it almost seems as if the sky is telling you what color of wine to drink: if you don't believe that rosé is the perfect wine to accompany the sunset, you might just be crazy.

The Case for Rosé

While some people may think that rosé is too sweet and fruity, we've got news for you: there's almost as much variation within rosé wine as there is within red or white wine. In the red wine making process, the grape skin is left in with the juice and allowed to ferment along with the liquid, giving it its deep red color and a hefty dose of tannins. With white wine, the skin is completely removed from the fermentation process. The process for rosé involves a method called "skin contact", whereby the skin is left with the grape juice for the first few days, and then removed, lending it a bit of color ranging from a rusty orange to a light pink.

If you book a mobile bar this labor day weekend for you end of summer extravaganza, make sure you consult thoroughly with your bartender regarding which rosés to have on hand. You'll want to enjoy the last gasp of summer in a white linen suit with a cold glass of pink in your hand, no doubt. And for all you macho men out there who think it's girly to drink rosé, get with the times: being comfortable with your masculinity means embracing the color pink.

Here are a few affordable yet delightful recommendations ranging from dry and tart, to wet and sweet:

Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir Rosé — A fruitier wine with noted of plum, cherry and red berries, this delightful rosé comes from the BíoBío Valley in Chile – one of the southernmost winemaking regions in the entire world!

Muga Rioja Rosé – This Spanish rosé has a touch of fresh cherry and spring blossoms off the top, but grounds itself in an earthy flavor with a tart accent. A good option for someone in search of an affordable, dry rosé.

Malivoire Ladybug Rosé – One of the best overall wines coming out of one of the best Ontario vineyards at the moment. Combining Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Gamay for a powerhouse effect, strawberry and pomegranate dance on the palette in every sip of this smooth, beautifully balanced wine.

Ogier Cotes Du Ventoux Rosé AOC – This gorgeous, light pink beauty from the south of France's famous Rhône region is a light salmon color and incorporates flavors of citrus-fruit with herbal aromas. A crisp, light delight that will not leave you feeling hungover the next day!

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