Top Best Landing Pads For Drones

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Landing pad for drones help prevent the gadget from any potential damage when it is taking off or landing. Why risk damaging your precious quadcopter when you are landing it into a rocky terrain or tall grass conditions? Tall grass can get caught into the propellers and lead to issues with the internal workings of motors and rotors. The down draft from operating in muddy and wet conditions can cause several damage to your drone on the inside as well as on the outside, specially if you have an expensive camera lenses on board, then that can be an extremely costly damage. Check out the best landing pads for drones you must consider in year 2017.
PGY Landing Pad
This is an amazing landing pad for drones. Some of the key features are:

Water proof, high precision printing, sun-protection and the colors do not fade away.
Double sided with dual color design. Application of different occasions, and highlighted area of the helipad.
Specific Carrying Bag – high in quality, beautiful shape, easy and very strong to carry out
Nylon handle – superior quality nylon material, which is very easy to carry
Red stickers – they are reflective article and used mainly for night flying

RCStyle Protective Quick-Fold Landing Pad
This is another best landing pad for drones that you must take into account when you are willing to invest in one. They key features of this landing pad include:

Best for DJI Mavic Pro Phantom, Lutema, Holy Stone Quadcopters, Eachine Quadcopters, Hubsan Quadcopters, All Syma Helicopters, AEE, Zero Xplorer, Yuneec, and several other DIY quadcopters.
Waterproof – the material is waterproof and comes with high precision printing.
Sun protection – the landing pad comes with sun protection and the colors on it do not easily fade out. It also has highlighted spot for the helipad
Particular carrying bag - high in quality, good shape, very strong and easy to carry out
Specific Carrying Bag –, beautiful shape, easy and very strong to carry out
Nylon handle – supreme quality nylon material, which is very easy to carry
Red stickers – they are reflective article and used mainly for night flying
This landing pad is primarily for UAV beginner landing training, also can be used as a dedicated landing area during the race.

Hoodman Landing Pad
This is yet the best landing pad for drones out there. The key characteristics of this landing pad include:

One year warranty
Prevents debris and dust from being kicked up
Higher visibility
8 pounds perimeter
Collapses to 20 inches to fit included case

With these amazing options available, you can opt for the one that best suits your requirements. If you are a pro, you certainly need to buy a high end landing pad for drones to ensure that your quadcopter stays safe and protected during the flying operations.

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