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Various types of decorative table lamps

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Table lamps are extremely adaptable and you can get the most of them only when you are aware of what role you wanted them to play. Decorative table lamps are best suited for your home of office purpose.

Decorative Table Lamps are not designed primarily to provide you suitable lighting, but rather to serve as a design component in itself. They are totally opposite to the word ambient lighting: instead of providing a light that spreads throughout the room, light may not extend very far at all. Instead of its light source trouncing in the background, decorative table lamps are still in the high demand.

Think of a decorative table lamp as an adornment that happens to light up, and you’re nearly there.

Types of decorative table lamps

There are different varieties of decorative table lamps that can be considered, and can be used as a showpiece in any room, including;

Stained Glass

Glass has been used in table lamps for many years, and over time, its properties have been used artistically to great effect. Probably the best known example of this style can be seen in Tiffany Lamps, where organic, flowing shapes are made out of many pieces of stained glass. Coloured glass does limit the amount of light that passes through. Beside this it does light up magnificently, forming an attraction point in your room that’s bound to amaze.


We have read in our childhood classes that prisms splits light up into a spectrum of colors that's the reason cut glasses used in decorative table lamps plays wonderfully with the light. It also creates a spotted effect throughout a room, and when the crystal shard swings they create an evocative effect of a bright summer’s day by a stream. Crystal decorative table lamps are fascinating to watch.


Many materials are transparent (translucence), which means they allows light to pass through, but the light becomes subtle. Meaning, you can see the light coming through, but you can’t see clearly through the material. This fact is widely used in table lamps. As an instance, a regular paper lamp shades producing a more attractive light source. Lamps made from other materials like frosted glass or fabrics vague the light bulb, and almost become a more attractive light source in them.

Light up your house by placing the best lamps on each bedside. Explore the most spectacular range of stylish decorative table lambs by browsing on the website or can purchase from there only.

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