Two Bedroom Apartment

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What Can a Single Person Do With a Two Bedroom Apartment?

Conventional wisdom dictates that a person who is single doesn’t need a lot of extra room. That’s why it sometimes baffles people when they learn a single friend is looking at Tigardville Apartments rentals in Tigard,OR with two bedrooms/ What would a single person want with another bedroom to keep clean? In fact, there are quite a few ways that your single friend can put that additional space to good use. Here are some of the possibilities.

Create a Home Office

There are times when having a home office is an asset. Create a work station complete with a larger monitor and keyboard that connects to your laptop or tablet. Set aside spce for your scanner and printer to complete the work area.

That home office also provides a great place for a desk that will include a file drawer for all your important papers. Even if you prefer to go digital as much as possible, there are times when hard copies are still needed.

With a home office, you have space to work on projects, organize your documents, and in general not have to go through the rest of the apartment digging in drawers looking for that one important piece of paper. Everything will have a place in the office and be easy to find when the need arises.

Have a Den

A spare bedroom can also be converted into a cozy den. Maybe you like the idea of having a more formal living and dining area but still want a place you can stretch out and watch television in comfort. That extra bedroom can easily be transformed into a den by investing in a comfortable sofa, a couple of lamps, and a cozy reading chair. Add in a place to set up the television and maybe something to play your mp3 files and the room will quickly become one of your favorite places to hang out.

Your Own Craft Room

Some people are talented when it comes to handicrafts. You happen to fall into that category and love making things that your friends and family can use. The only problem is that you hate spreading out everything on the dining room table and having to pack it all up when someone comes over.

If you convert that spare bedroom into a craft room, there’s no need to shove anything in the closet when friends are dropping by. With a cutting table, chairs that allow you to sit and work in comfort, and storage for your supplies, it’s possible to have everything within reach while you enjoy your hobby. If someone does happen to drop by, all you have to do is close the craft room door, let your friend in, and enjoy a visit without anyone seeing what that space looks like.

How About a Game Room?

You could also convert that extra room into a game room. Set up all your video game equipment plus larger equipment like a ping pong table or a pool table in the space and it will be ready for you and your friends to use any time you like.

A Place to Work Out

There’s no reason your spare bedroom can’t be a home gym. Buy a weight bench, some free weights, a mat, and maybe some type of machine that allows you to include different types of resistance exercises in your routine. Once you finish with a workout, it’s easy enough to close the door and forget about the home gym until you are ready for another round.

If you are single and like the idea of having extra space for some specific purpose, check out the spacious 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Tigard,OR today. The right place may be waiting for you this very minute.

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