5 Events That Call for Custom Designed Jewelry

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There are times when selecting something out of a jewelry case is fine. Certain types of special events call for thinking a little out of the box and working with a designer to create something just for the occasion. In fact, there are more occasions where a custom piece of jewelry is the only way to go. Here are a few examples to consider.

Engagements and Weddings

A designer is always happy to sit down with a couple and talk about what matters to them, the kinds of jewelry they like, and maybe even learn a little about how they met. The result can be an engagement rind and a wedding band that reflects aspects of the relationship that are known only to the couple. Others will see an exquisite setting and beautiful stones. The couple will see those qualities and a lot more.

Milestone Anniversaries

Many people tend to plan more elaborate celebrations for their 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversaries. Since these truly do represent milestones in their time together, it makes sense that the couple would want to renew their vows and maybe even exchange new rings as part of their continuing commitment to the union.

Opting for custom designed jewelry on these occasions becomes especially poignant when the couple started out with very little and could not afford anything but the most affordable rings they could find. With the passing of the years, things have gotten better financially and it’s now possible to invest in the types of rings they wanted way back when. Along with fulfilling a promise they made to one another years ago, those new rings represent all they have gone through together in order to arrive at the station in life they now occupy.


Completing a period of higher education is certainly reason to think about gifting a loved one with a custom designed piece of jewelry. It can be a ring, a watch, a bracelet, or just about any other type of jewelry one can imagine.

The type of graduation can also have some impact on the design. Perhaps the individual has completed a four-year degree in a specific field and is about to embark on graduate work. Maybe the plan now is to enter law school or pursue a degree in medicine. Those ongoing goals can serve as the inspiration for some piece of jewelry that reminds the recipient that there are those who believe in those goals too and are there to offer support.

Special Birthdays

As with anniversaries, some birthdays tend to stand out more than others. Reaching the age of 21 is an example. Something unique that recognizes that the individual is now an adult can be a wonderful way to celebrate. The same is true when the individual reaches the age of 65 and begins a new chapter by retiring and making plans to do all the things there was never time for in years past.


There’s no better opportunity to express appreciation than at the retirement party planned for that employee. Instead of purchasing a watch off a display rack and having it engraved, why not work with a jeweler to come up with a design that reflects the personal tastes of the recipient? While it may take a little detective work, it won’t be difficult to get a few clues that a creative jeweler can use to develop the design and create something the retiring employee will treasure from now on.

These are only a few of the occasions that call for doing something other than choosing a piece of jewelry that’s just like a thousand others. If there is a special event coming up, now is the time to talk with the team at Sauro Jewelry Designers and make some plans. Rest assured that everyone will be happy with the outcome.

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