What Jewelry goes best with a Black Dress

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If there ever was a personal favorite color for women fond of wearing dresses, it will be black. Such is the liking for the color that women are looking for different jewelry types to blend in well with the dress. The hassle of selecting jewelry that goes best with a black dress is so unnerving for many that they end up making flawed decisions.

The jewelry you decide to wear with your black dress depends on many factors. A decision can be made, only by taking all the factors into account and reaching a unanimous consensus. Next time when you’re worried about complementing your black dress with exemplary jewelry, you don’t need to worry as we have you covered through this article.

The Occasion you are headed to

Since it is so versatile, the black dress can serve its purpose at a variety of different events. Be it a formal meeting or a cocktail evening, you can adorn the black dress and head out looking elegant and classy. Considering its versatility, you need to select the jewelry you wear to complement the black dress, intelligently. A simple bracelet and a sparkling pin can serve the purpose at an office meet, where you need to be professional. Whereas, at a cocktail party you can experiment a bit more and add more sparkle through shiny earrings and necklaces.


One of the reasons behind the fame of the color black is that almost everything looks good with it. Considering that every color goes well does provide you with a bit of leverage, but it also increases competition. If every color goes well with a dress which is so common, what should you do to stand out? The answer to this question lies in black pearl earrings. There is no combination which can out do the effect that is created on others, through the use of black pearl earrings on a black dress.

A black dress has its own classy look, but complementing that look with a soothingly good pair of black pearl earrings multiplies the elegance of the whole outfit by 2. The combination of black earrings on a black dress might seem bizarre to a few at first instance, but is bound to win over the critics when implemented.

Body Type

The body type of the female adorning the jewelry is a very decisive factor while purchasing any type of jewelry. Does the jewelry fit in on the body type? Is it a perfect size? Does the bracelet look tight? All these questions need to be answered thoroughly before buying the perfect jewelry. Similarly while wearing jewelry over a black dress; the body type needs to be taken into perspective.

If you have a small body frame, you have to be very accurate on the size of the jewelry you wear as anything a bit too expansive can ruin your efforts. On the contrary, those who are a bit curvy can experiment with large pieces of jewelry. Since, they have the body to back the ornaments.

Whatever you decide to wear to complement your black dress, always remember that you need to find the perfect mix between being simple and overdoing it, as tilting towards either side spoils the fun.

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