Mazda 6 Previewed By Mazda Shinari Concept

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Mazda presented the Shinari concept which really showed what the next Mazda 6 is going to look like. This was the first car that came with a new Mazda design language named Kodo (Soul of Motion) and the Shinari concept is just fascinating. It is basically a four-seat coupe that looks as if someone combined Maserati GranTurismo and a Jaguar XF since it has swoopy lines and it sits on massive 21-inch wheels. All of this makes us believe that Mazda wants to attack Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

According to the new chief designer Ikuo Maerda, his intention behind the concept was to “build the car I want to buy and drive.” Furthermore, he indicates that Kodo main goal is to mimic the muscularity of a cheetah in full flight. This is an interesting comparison because we recall Nissan’s Shiro Nakamura saying that the Infiniti FX was a “bionic cheetah.”

The Shinari concept is based on the brand-new architecture that allows front-, rear-, or even all-wheel drive. This concept’s platform will also be used for the upcoming generation of Mazda C- and D- segment vehicles, whereas under the hood of the Shinari is a 2.0-liter I4 engine that sends power to the front wheels, plus there is a lower-control-arm front-suspension layout.

With this concept we had a pretty clear insight of what the new Mazda 6 will look like – all we needed is to remove the concept’s interior, move the windshield slightly forward and reduce the size of the wheels. Even after all of those things were changed, the Mazda 6 ended up looking outstanding and those people who are against the big smiley face, which is a main trait of the ongoing Mazda models, should not be worried because the Shinari’s grille and front lighting will be the definition of the brand as long as Ikuo Maeda is in charge.

With the new vehicle that was presented, we saw a clear influence of the Shinari Concept, and we expect this trend to be continued with 2018 Mazda 6 that should come with few slight changes to the exterior. Basic layout will again draw cues from the gorgeous concept staying true to KODO: Soul Of Motion design language.

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