Ways to Maintain Oral Health for Senior People

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As you age, there are more and more health concerns that will require your attention. One of these is your oral health. You will be having only one set of permanent teeth, so it is essential that you learn how to take care of these properly.

What are the usual oral health concerns for senior people?

1. Darkening of teeth

This is a usual occurrence among older people since the dentin or the bone-like tissue under the tooth enamel darken due with the consumption of food and beverages. It is also caused by the thinning of the enamel layer that covers the teeth.

2. Drying of the mouth

Drying of the mouth happens since the production of saliva is reduced as you age. Other factors which may cause a dry mouth are side effects to medication, cancer treatments, etc.

3. Decaying of the root

Due to certain decay-causing acids affecting the teeth down to their roots, teeth decay. When a person gets older, the gum tissue covering the teeth does not have enough enamel to safeguard them anymore. Thus, they are more predisposed to decaying.

4. Loss of teeth

Loss of teeth is normal among senior people because gum diseases can take place with the above-mentioned oral conditions. And gum disease is the primary cause of teeth loss.

What are the usual oral hygiene tips for senior people?
Since childhood, you probably have heard that it is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day. This still applies when you’re older. Brushing must be religiously done. Regardless of age, it is vital that you keep your oral hygiene in check.

Here are other ways to ensure proper oral hygiene:

1. When brushing your teeth, use toothpaste with fluoride component.
2. Since brushing cannot guarantee that you reach all places, flossing at least once a day helps.
3. Use mouthwash every after you brush your teeth.
4. If you wear dentures, it is important to see if these fit your mouth perfectly. You also have to clean these to avoid infection.
5. Paying your dentist a visit is a must. You have to ask for a regular oral exam and cleaning schedule.

What are the other measures you can do to ensure good oral health as you age?

To keep your oral health in good shape, it is advisable that you monitor your sugar intake as well. Candies and snacks made from starch can attract more bacteria. It is best if you lessen or stop using cigarettes, too.

Why is a dental check-up important?

You have to see your dental partner like the California Dentistry & Braces to regularly monitor the status of your teeth and give immediate attention to dental issues. A dental health practitioner is trained to give you useful and effective oral care tips and suggestions.


According to recent researches, only 75 percent of adults retain a portion of their original teeth as they age. If you want to maintain good teeth condition until your senior year, it is important that you follow the above-given recommendations.

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