How to Find a Good Auto Detailer

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If you look around online or talk to people who have hired auto detailers you can find a wealth of horror stories about bad auto detailers. People will tell you about how they hired a detailer, only to have the detailer barely do any cleaning and send the car back. While there are plenty of qualified and professional auto detailers out there, there are also many who unfortunately are not that good at their jobs. But, how is a customer supposed to know if an auto detailer is good or not? The obvious answer would be to look for reviews online, and sure that works sometimes, but, other times there are a lack of reviews, especially if the auto detailer is relatively new on the scene. For example, putting ‘The Detailing Syndicate Houston Texas’ into search engines does not immediately turn up any customer reviews. You might think that it is because the Detailing Syndicate is not a reputable auto detailer, but they are. Actually they are one of the best, with the vast majority of their clients being longterm regulars. This shows that you cannot just rely on the internet to tell you whether an auto detailer is reputable or not. Your car is one of your most valuable possessions and you want to make sure that the people looking after the car know what they are doing. There are some methods, besides looking at reviews, which can help you determine if a detailer is qualified to look after your car.

Ask about a warranty

Step one in determining if an auto detailer is qualified is to ask if they offer a warranty for their services. Plenty of auto detailers offer warranties for each of their services. The warranties can range from as little as one month to a couple of years depending on the specific service. Either way, if an auto detailer offers a warranty it is a good sign as it shows that they are confident in their work. On the other hand, auto detailers that do not offer warranties should be avoided. It is a good sign that they are not professional. Plus, if you do end up taking your car to a detailer who does not offer a warranty, you have no guarantee that the work they do will actually last.

Learn about what products they plan to use in advance

Before you let a detailer go to work on your valuable car, you should ask them what products they plan to use to clean the outside of the car and what they plan to use to clean the interior. Research the products that they plan to use. For example, if you notice that they plan to use a product that has ammonia in it on your interior that should throw up some red flags. Ammonia can be extremely damaging to a car’s dashboard and upholstery. So, if you notice that a dealer is using questionable products, it tells you that they either do not know any better or they know better and they do not care. Either way, you should go looking for a better car detailer right away.

Look at how much they charge

A good way of determining how qualified an auto detailer is to work on your car is to look at how much they charge. Professional auto detailing is both labor intensive and requires specialized materials, so it is not cheap. A basic washing and waxing from a reputable auto detailer should end up running you at least $100, if not more. A more advanced detailing should end up costing you at least $400-$500. Be careful around cheap auto detailers, while the prospect of saving a couple hundred can be tempting, it is also a sign that the auto detailer may not be a professional.

Consult fellow enthusiasts

There are countless numbers of car enthusiast forums and social media groups. Try joining one of these forums or social media groups and ask if anyone is familiar with a certain auto detailer. The chances are that at least one person has heard of or has used the auto detailer in question and can provide you with some information. Likewise, you may want to try consulting customers who have used the auto detailer before. Some auto detailers are willing to let you contact past clients who can tell you about their experiences using the auto detailer. If they seem like they are not willing to provide references, then you should be cautious.

Watch out for certain types of behavior

Unprofessional or unqualified auto detailers will often display certain types of behavior that indicates that you should not trust them with your car. When you bring your car to the detailer talk to them about the car and see if they seem interested. The best car detailing professionals have a passion for cars and will gladly discuss your cars aesthetic requirements with you. If they seem uninterested, that may be a sign that they aren’t knowledgeable enough to discuss your car or just are not interested, either way, it is a sign that you should find another auto detailer. You should beware of auto detailers who do unprofessional things like return your car to you with the air conditioning on or the radio still playing. These may seem like minor issues, but they are evidence that the auto detailer may be careless and unprofessional. Your car is probably one of the biggest investments you own, so you want to make sure you trust its care to someone who is professional.

These are all tried and true strategies for determining whether an auto detailer is worthy of your money or not. When it comes to auto detailing you need to be careful because if it is done wrong it can result in damage to your car. You should always err on the side of the caution when it comes to auto detailers, if one seems shady assume they are and find a different detailer. Thankfully, there are no shortages of good auto detailers so you should always be able to find one that you can trust with your car.

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