Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment – What You Need To

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Pulsed radiofrequency basically refers to an amazing technique that is used for creating a carefully controlled electric field using an electrode. For its usability in treating pain, this electrode is basically built into the size and shape of a needle. It was primary used as a pain treatment option in the mid 90s. The technique is not the same as it used to be for radiofrequency ablation procedure. The term ‘pulsed’ signifies that this technique applies energy to the electrode from time to time. It keeps the temperature low, unlike the other higher temperatures needed for an ablation.

Why is Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment Used To Treat Pain?

Scientific studies indicate that the application of the pulsed radiofrequency to specific nerves can actually block some of their ability to transmit the paint. What is known till now is that when the pulsed radiofrequency electrical field if applied to a particular nerve, it particularly affects just the portion of the nerve that is responsible for transmitting pain signals. Pulsed radiofrequency is considered to be the most effective treatment for treating complex types of plain that generally originates from either irritated nerves or nerve damage. As a matter of fact, several times, it seems that the pulsed radiofrequency treatment can tender added pain reprieve even after other treatment options have been abortive, which mainly include the regular epidural injections. It turns out to be a valuable option for most of the patients with chronic nerve pain. Discover this info here

Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment Procedure

In case a pulsed radiofrequency treatment is determined to be right for you, you must make an appointment with your doctor at an outpatient injection facility. You perhaps be provided with options to get some light sedation intravenously that will help you relax. If sedation is being used, your doctor will monitor you closely with a blood oxygen sensing, heart rhythm monitor and blood pressure cuffing device. Local anesthesia will also be used prior to giving the actual injection. The electrode is then placed into the skin in the same manner in which a usual needle would be used. Your doctor will be using the x-ray to rightly position the electrode closely to your affected nerve(s) as they basically exit the spine. As the needle is accurately positioned, a very mild pulsed radiofrequency is applied to ensure that the electrode is moving in the right position. This may cause a sensation of vibrating, buzzing or tingling in the distribution of your pain. With the electrodes in accurate position, the pulsed radiofrequency treatment is performed, after completion of the stimulation, a very small amount of corticosteroid is injected using local anesthesia to decrease temporary irritation to the nerve. The electrode is then removed and a bandage is placed over the injection area.

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