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What does the latest Google mobile friendly update

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Once again, mobile-friendly search algorithm of Google was updated January 2017.Its basic purpose is to make the content visibility of smartphone a ranking signal. This is bad news for websites that display “intrusive interstitials.”These are essentially popup ads that block most or all of a page. Smartphone searchers might find the impact usability of their content is not able to perform as strongly as it used to be.

Updates January 2017

Positioned as Part 2, Google’s “mobile-friendly update for January 2017 is a repeat of the “Mobilegeddon” as dubbed by the search community in 2015. The target of Part 2 is intrusive interstitials for they make access to content users like to view as difficult. Following the same practice as Mobilegeddon, Google announced this update giving businesses he chance to strategy adjustments.

What does the latest Google mobile update mean for my website?

Update only applies to Mobile

Google's main purpose is to help easier access of user’s mobile content. Sometimes it is difficult to browse on mobile are sometimes more difficult.Mobile responsiveness of some websites is very limited. For Google, interstitials make content less accessible.

Only applicable for pages directly accessed from results of search

Mobile interstitial pops up following the searcher who goes from the results of Google search to a specific page. Pop ups displayed followed by the initial page viewed are excluded by Google.

Only one out of hundreds of signals for website indexing

Out of hundreds of signals, there is only a single signal that factors into the ranking of a website. Some websites depend heavily on only on one interstitial ad will later make some changes. However, there are still number of websites that are marketable to visitors using pop up or messaging bar on mobile.

Only applies to pop up advertisements

In the announcement, Google discussed interstitial advertisements which lead users to believe that they are discouraging this kind of marketing practice. Using an overlay that is related to a mobile website experience should be allowed. You should be using pop ups in your website for they are extremely effective in driving a lively conversation and engaging traffic.

Best Practices for Mobile in 2017

1. As long as pop ups are used responsibly on mobile; you will not be bothered by this issue. This is good for the mobile browsing experience is quite different and you need to interact with your visitors properly.

2. UNObar or an onsite messaging bar allows you to transmit marketing message in a less extravagant manner while you keep accessible your page content. This is one of the pop ups acceptable to use under the updates policies of Google.

3. Minimize pop ups to show up immediately to coming visitors from mobile search results. Instead, place your pop up for visitors to view on their second page load or following specific action.

4. Scroll-based pop ups and hyperlink triggered pop ups are the two most applicable uses to mobile browsing.

5. Google views allow responsible pop up usage like: age verification pop ups; based on user’s action; cookie usage pop ups; messaging bars; sign up bars,sign in pop ups and triggered pop ups.

The intention of Google in “mobile-friendly part two” update is to guarantee ensure that every mobile searcher can access easily contents they expect to see when their page land from the results of Google’s search.

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