Look To Your Faves When Shopping For New Drums

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Some people sing along to their favourite songs when they’re played on the radio. Others hum along to the guitar solos or the plodding bass. But you? You tap away in time with the heartbeat of the song: the drum beat, and that’s what sets you a part as a drummer. While everyone else is busy listening to the words or the melody, you’re making sure the pace is strong and even.

But let’s face it—there’s more than just that separating you from the rest of the band. It’s not just drummers’ wild and crazy side either, though that may be something you share with infamous drumming greats like Moon, Bonham, and Lee. You’ve mastered the technical side of your instrument because you’re attuned to the beat in ways other people aren’t. In fact, recent study has found drummers are hardwired for timing, letting you keep the beat as accurately as a machine.

It’s alright if you aren’t quite a drumming android yet. It takes hours and hours and hours of practise in order to sound like Neil Peart. Arguably one of the best drummers in the world, Peart had to build up to where he is now. Even he started banging away at the skins in his parents’ basement with nothing but a bass, snare, and Hi-hat to his name. Now, with over 30 pieces in his set, he has one of the biggest drum kits in the world and plays for a critically acclaimed rock band.

If you’re ready to add something to the big 3, look to your favourites for inspiration. Peart’s a great choice but also an obvious one. There are also the sets of Patrick Carney, Roger Taylor, Kurt Dahle, Questlove, and thousands of other to take inspiration from. Of course, if you aren’t sure where to start, there’s always a drum expert at a trusty music store like Long & McQuade to help you. They can walk you through Ludwig sets, Roland accessories, and any other brand that catches your eye. As you can tell by their online store at Long-mcquade.com/drums/, they’ll have a lot of brands to explore. And if you already know what your set needs, you can purchase straight from their site.

You already march to the beat of your own drummer. Though you may look up to Questlove every time you catch an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or idolize Peart every time you listen to 2112, you’re the only one to set the tempo of your drumming career. Make sure it’s a beat that you love by investing in your drum kit. It may never reach the size of Peart’s, but a customized set is an easy way to fall in love for you instrument all over again.

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