Mobile Use Is Driving Up Calls To Car Dealers

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Is your dealership equipped to handle the new ways that people are shopping, researching, and buying cars? In 2017, visits to car dealers are down and research hours spent online is up; the use of third-party apps and sites is on the increase, and a new generation of car buyers wants to avoid the negotiating phase entirely. Your website isn’t enough to create an effective online presence, you have to be able to reach out across new channels, including live chat, Facebook Messenger, and, while this may come as a surprise, over the phone.

Market research shows that people spend roughly 25% of their time shopping around for cars on their mobile and that shift has given way to a revival of the old-fashioned phone call. Shoppers inevitably look for the “path of least resistance” to getting information about a purchase; they want answers immediately at minimal effort. In the past, that may have meant sending a company an email, but today it’s far more likely to result in reaching out over a live chat system or simply by calling from a smartphone.

Google, the #1 search engine in the world, has made it so simple to go from a Google search to a phone call that now 70% of all Google searches for local businesses result in a phone call. That’s led to a marked upswing in inbound phone calls to dealers and many are struggling to keep up with the surge. According to car dealer chat company Gubagoo, 16% of inbound calls go unanswered, while many more are mishandled by busy sales staff. Imagine this scenario: you’re putting together a couple of resources for some leads you know are interested in a particular model; you want to be able to email it out before your test drive appointment arrives at 3 o’clock, when someone calls asking about a model you don’t stock any longer. You might be forgiven for saying, “Nope! Sorry,” and hanging up the phone, but that’s a missed opportunity where you should have followed up and tried to get a lead.

If you’re sick of missed and mishandled phone calls, the live chat system from Gubagoo also incorporates overflow and 24/7 phone support. Call center operators have instant access to your inventory as well as scripts customized for your business, and always have time to follow best practices that turn inbound phone calls into appointments and leads. Their performance is also comprehensively reported and integrated into your CRM, so that you can make decisions based on real performance data. They also manage custom campaigns that integrate your promotional offers and seasonal inventory, something you can learn more about by visiting

As more of the process of car buying shifts online, it’s important to adapt with tools like car dealer live chat and phone support to handle increased inbound calls thanks to click to call. Your future customers want to get in touch with you; it’s your job to make it easy for them.

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