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How Does an Attendance Management Software Help?

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An increasing focus on employee satisfaction and the value placed on employees means any company today requires an attendance management software, which tracks employees’ attendance without losing out on accuracy and reliability.

This is where greytHR comes in. Offering time savings to employees and employers alike, greytHR’s attendance module is a comprehensive solution that allows for end-to-end attendance planning, review and control over time management within your organization.

greytHR’s time and attendance software also facilitates the improvisation of employee time tracking, shift scheduling and reporting. Let’s take a closer look at greytHR’s attendance module:

Customized creation of attendance plans
On greytHR, you can create your own attendance plan as per the company policies. This feature allows you to configure the attendance management software based on employee categories. There is thus the provision to customize the software and also opt for the best plan for your company to set up attendance and leave rules. Thus, you have the choice of different plans to help you process attendance with minimum effort.

Customization of shifts
On greytHR’s time attendance system, you can create shifts with their specific in and out times, applicable grace time, code, etc. The system also allows your employees to mark special shifts, which can run across two dates. The benefits of such a system are that you can automate the implementation of your business rules without having to manually administer the policies. This flexibility allows the software to be tailored to suit your requirements. Considerable cost and effort savings too are guaranteed with the use of such an attendance tracking software.

Seamless integration with hardware
greytHR’s no-fuss system works without a missing a beat - offering 100% accuracy and high efficiency - when integrated with third-party time management hardware systems. These include these key types of hardware systems: RFID, biometric devices, access cards and others. The integration of the attendance management system with the third-party hardware itself is a relatively easy task. The time and attendance software is then ready to pull out all attendance data from the hardware system in place.

Online attendance marking
Traditionally, attendance is captured manually. That is, your employee’s name and signature are entered into a register at the time of stepping in and out of office premises. This activity can now be done online, that is, through greytHR’s Employee Self-Service portal or mobile app. That is, this system eliminates the need to maintain and pay for third-party time-tracking devices. To prevent time theft or time leakages, it is possible for the employer to allow the attendance of each employee to be marked only from specific IP addresses.

Employee Self-Service portal
As they say, an empowered employee is indeed a satisfied employee. The automated attendance system offered by greytHR has a mobile application at its heart. Using this, your employees will find that they can meet their attendance requirements more efficiently while your benefit lies around an improved work environment, employee satisfaction and more efficient systems. An ESS feature of note is that it throws up various prompts and alerts to your employee about pending attendance approvals, shortfalls in work hours logged, consecutive days of absence, etc.
Reports made available readily

greytHR’s attendance management module is powerful enough to generate a number of reports for you. Some of these may aid the purposes of the HR administrator of the company while others fulfill those of the employees. The reports available on greytHR include Absent Report, Attendance Consolidated Work Hours Report, Attendance Regularization Report, Shift Summary Report and Attendance Consolidate Report.

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