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Blackjack Terminology

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In order to play Blackjack with confidence, it is important to know the following terminology and adhere to casino protocol. Check out this website for more insider tips to increase your odds.

No Cash Wagers: Casinos do not accept wagers in cash. Players need to exchange cash for casino chips from the dealer.

No Hand To Hand Transaction: The player never puts money in the hands of the dealer, nor will the dealer put casino chips in the player’s hand. Money is placed on the table, the dealer spreads it out, the pit boss counts it, then the dealer puts the casino chips on the table for the player to count and collect.

Minimum & Maximum Betting Limit: The casino sets both the minimum and maximum allowable wager. The player cannot go below the minimum or above the maximum.

Put your Bet/Wager in the Betting Circle: Wagers must be placed in the clearly defined betting circle on the Blackjack table.

Dealing the Cards: After all the players have placed their bets, the dealer deals; from left to right placing one card face down to each player and one for the house. Then a second card is dealt face up to players and the house.

Count Value of Cards: Cards with numbers from two to nine have a face value. Aces count for one or 11, and Ten, Jack, Queen and the King are valued ten each.

No Verbal Communication with the Dealer: Players convey their intentions using only hand signals.

Stand: To signal acceptance of the cards, the player can stand up or wave his hand or put his hand on the felt. The dealer will move to the next player.

Hit: To get another card from the dealer, the player hits the felt with his finger.

Blackjack: Blackjack is one Ace and one card valued at ten for a total count of 21.

Push: The dealer may also have a hand count of 21. It is called a Push. There is no winner, but the player does not lose his bet.

Bust: When the player’s hand count has exceeded 21, the hand is bust and the bet is lost.

Double Down: If the player feels he has a winning hand count and wants one more card, he bets another chip equal to the earlier wager. This doubles the bet.

Split: If the player has two cards of equal value, a second wager equal to the first can be made by making a peace sign. The dealer splits the cards so that each is the first of two new hands.

Surrender: It’s possible to surrender half the bet if the player is dissatisfied with the deal. He can signal to the dealer by drawing a line with his finger on the felt behind the bet.

Soft-17: If the dealer has one Ace and one six, it is a Soft-17. If the casino rules permit, the dealer can get another card but cannot double down, split or surrender.

Dealer Plays the Hand: If the player’s hand is neither busted nor surrendered, the dealer will play the hand. If it is 17 or higher, the dealer stands. If the count is 16 or less, the dealer will take one more card.

Payouts: When the player’s hand has a higher count than the dealer, the player wins the bet. If the dealer has a higher count, the player loses the bet.

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