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Please Check It Out! Blackjack Terms

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Before you sit for a Blackjack round please go through the following terminology and check out the important rules so that you are able to beat the dealer with confidence.

No Cash Wagers Please:

Casinos do not accept the bet amount and wagers in cash. You will exchange your cash for casino chips from the dealer.

No Hand To Hand Transaction:

As per good Blackjack practices, neither you will pay your bet amount in the hands of the dealer, nor she will give you the casino chips in your hand. You will put your money on the table, she will spread it out, the pit boss will count it and the dealer will put the casino chips on the table. You will count and collect them.

Minimum & Maximum Betting Limit:

You will not throw your wager or bets lesser than the limit fixed by the casino. You will also follow the rules, if there is any limit for a maximum bet.

Put Your Bet/ Wager In The Betting Circle:

You will not place your betting chips at any place other than inside the betting circle.

Dealing The Cards:

After all the players have placed their betting chips, the dealer will deliver the cards to the players. She will start from the left and place on the table one card with face down to each player and in the end, will place for self, one card with face up. She will again place a second card with face down and in the end, one card with face up for self.

Count Value of Cards:

Cards with numbers from 2 to 9 have count value as per cards, All the Aces count for 1 or 11, and Tens, Jacks, Queens & the Kings Count face value 10 each.

No Verbal Communication With The Dealer Please!

You will convey your hand moves by the hand signals. Nobody will listen to you if you convey by the words. You are playing under the cameras. The cameras will catch your moves but can’t listen to you.

Blackjack or Natural:

Congratulations! You have one Ace and one 10 count card. Your hand count is 21. You are a Blackjack hand and you have won the bet 3 to 2.


Oh! The dealer also has a hand count 21. It is a push. Neither you win, nor will you lose your bet.


Oof! Your hand count has exceeded 21. Your hand is bust and you have lost the bet.


If you accept the cards, you will stand up or wave your hand or put your hand on the felt. The dealer will move to the next player and so on.


If you want one more card to improve your hand count, you will hit the felt with your finger. The dealer will place a card before you.

Double Down:

If you feel that you have a winning hand count and you need one more card, you can put another betting chip equal to your earlier wager. You have doubled your bet.


If you have both the cards of the same count value, you can put up a second wager equal to the first and wave a peace sign. The dealer will split your cards so that the each card is a first card on two new hands.


If you do not like your initial hand, you can surrender half of your original bet. You will draw a line with your finger on the felt behind your bet.


If the dealer has one Ace and one six, it is Soft-17. If the casino rules permit, she can hit to get another card for a count better than 17. The dealer can’t avail double down, split or surrender.

Dealer Plays Her Hand:

If your hand is not a bust hand and you have not surrendered, then the dealer will play her hand. She will know her hand count of both the cards, and if it is 17 or higher, she will stand. If her hand count is 16 or less, she will take one more hit-card.


Your hand is not bust and has higher counts than the dealer. You have won the bet. Dealer’s hand is not bust and she has higher counts than you. You have lost the bet.

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