How technology has changed learning forever

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It wasn’t very long ago at all that pupils in a classroom would sit in lines on wooden benches, listening to the screech of chalk on dusty old backboards. Those of us in our 30s and 40s should remember this fairly well – those in our 50s certainly so. It’s not all so long ago, is it?

When you were in school – can you remember how you imagined the future to be? Because it’s here – in a big way.

Out with the Old – In with the New

First of all – long live the blackboard. Not only have they replaced with Smartboards which require no chalk (or ink for that matter) at all – they have transformed from a drawing board to a giant computer. The entire world is right there are at the click of a button – information. Facts. Lies. Media from every country you can think of (just check Google maps, if you need inspiration).

Beacons are Here

The transition made in the last decade is tremendous – and so is its effect on how we are educated. Recently, the use of Bluetooth Beacons and Beacon technology has taken the world, and the classroom, by storm.

Essentially, computers and iBeacons are there to help us navigate and communicate. They are being used in various airports across the world to aid communication to passengers about flight schedules, baggage reclaims and promotional offers. But this innovative new technology is also transforming the world of education.

The times when students were sat cringing at the sound of chalk against a blackboard are most certainly over. Out with the old and in with the future – Bluetooth gadgets and the cyber world are here now.

Anything from wireless Bluetooth speakers to “throwable” classroom microphones are aiding education and learning more and more each year.

Bluetooth Beacons, which essentially are devices that broadcast signals that can be heard by smart devices nearby, are becoming a major tool in education. It used to be strictly forbidden for pupils to have phones on or even with them during classroom time – but it appears now with this new technology that phones are becoming more of a learning tool than a distraction or nuisance.

Times are Changing

In our “information society” education is having to adapt and try to stay ahead of the game. Mobile phones and smartphones can enhance and improve the teaching and learning process with apps and use of Bluetooth technology. The traditional classroom, teacher, textbooks, blackboard can no longer satisfy the needs of the modern pupil and modern education.

We have come so far in a decade with technology that it has been hard to keep up – and things are only moving faster and faster. Who knows what the classroom will look like in 10 or 20 years from now…

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