Do You Think About Cosmetic Surgery?
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It has been said, “just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.” It seems that many people want to look younger or more attractive. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, there are questions to ask that could be to your benefit.
Why Are You Thinking About Having the Procedure?
Why are you considering a cosmetic procedure? Are you being influenced by images that bombard television, magazines, and billboards? Did someone make a comment about your body that caused you to feel shame? Do you think that a difference in your appearance will get you something or someone that you don’t have now? Are you unhappy with yourself inside and believe that a change outside will make a significant difference?
There is another reason you may opt to change your physical appearance. Although the names cosmetic and plastic surgery are used interchangeably, their goals are different. Cosmetic surgery focuses on aesthetic, physical enhancement, but plastic surgery is for repair and reconstructive procedures such as burn repair or breast reconstruction.
What Are Your Expectations After the Procedure?
If you want surgery to change a feature that you have never been happy with, instead of to please someone else, your expectations are more reasonable and the results more likely to be what you expected. Cosmetic surgery can change a physical feature, but it cannot solve your personal problems. If reconstruction is what you are looking for, hopefully, you realized before the procedure the limits and the possibilities the surgery could provide.
Cosmetic Surgery
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has a list identifying inappropriate candidates for this type of surgery. If you are in a major crisis like divorce, job loss, or your spouse has recently died, it is not the best time to decide on this type of surgery. Once you have worked through the crisis, you will better know if this is what you want to do. Other disqualifiers include expectations beyond what is achievable, mental illness, and obsession with minor defects.
How Qualified is the Physician of Your Choice?
Is the doctor board certified? The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) certification means that the surgeon has completed comprehensive specialized training in the field. There are also other qualifications to consider. Other questions to ask include:
• What experience does he or she have performing the procedure that you want?
• What other staff will assist?
• Will the procedure be performed in a hospital, outpatient clinic, doctor’s office? Will life-saving equipment and monitoring devices be on hand?
• If the operation will not take place in a hospital, does the surgeon have operating privileges in a hospital? This information will be important to know if you need to go to the hospital during your procedure.
• What risks are inherent?
• What anesthesia will be used and who will be administering it?
There are many things to consider before having cosmetic or plastic surgery. Do so - thoroughly.

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This was very helpful, thank you

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