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How Man Conquered The Land, Sea, And The Sky

Of all the aspects of human life that have been affected greatly by the advancement of technology, transportation perhaps can be the most notable of all. Technology has the ability to turn dreams into reality and the advancements in different transportations can prove this.
Transportation has its own history and as men progressed, so did transportation means from all around the world. Various civilizations have contributed to the evolution of transportation by ...

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Students' attitude towards math

Numerous studies have been conducted in recent times on students' attitudes towards subjects and their resulting performance, in particular mathematics. It has been long assumed that attitude is vital for a student's success in a subject, affecting both the ability to learn and consequently influencing overall academic results.

One study conducted by Jennifer Barry for her Master's thesis examined fifth grade students' attitude towards mathematics. These students were given a standardised survey ...

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Team Red vs. Team Blue - The Further Fragmentation

According to right-wing mythology, conservatives have been stripped of their free-speech rights. However, while attending this year’s Politicon in Pasadena, California, it was the conservative attendees that seemed determined to drown out speakers who did not conform to their world-view. While he is usually busy interrupting city-council meetings of cities he does not live in, anti-immigrant agitator Arthur Schaper took the time to yell out over questioners who had been called on and to disrupt ...

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Real Companies Online For Borrowing Money As Loan

Instant need of money:
There can come different times in the lives of people when they find themselves in need of money instantly and that is the time when they can’t take help from the banks as these banks require so much of the documentations that can take much time in lending money to the clients. This is the reason why these people have been looking for the best alternatives that they ...

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Top Best Landing Pads For Drones

Landing pad for drones help prevent the gadget from any potential damage when it is taking off or landing. Why risk damaging your precious quadcopter when you are landing it into a rocky terrain or tall grass conditions? Tall grass can get caught into the propellers and lead to issues with the internal workings of motors and rotors. The down draft from operating in muddy and wet conditions can cause several damage to your drone ...

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