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The Disgruntled

“Disgruntled: unhappy, annoyed, and disappointed about something”
Cambridge Dictionaries Online

An administrator complained to me in a recent conversation about a small group of disgruntled parents who were interfering with the ability to achieve consensus within the school community. While I understand that dealing with these vocal opponents was making his job more difficult, I also think that he was not seeing the opportunity that he had in front of him. ...

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Last updated 4 days, 6 hours ago.
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5 reasons that makes games a better deal

Online gambling has touched new heights with introduction of in game live dealers. Now many online gambling games are available with live dealers for fair game play including live blackjack, roulette and also baccarat. Presence of live dealers in gambling makes game entertaining and easier for players. There are many benefits for live casino dealers for players as well as casinos. Below are some of them:

For most casinos like william hill's ...

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Last updated 2 months, 2 weeks ago.
Posted in Clubs/Civic Organizations.
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Obsessive Testing

My wife and I believe that too much influence has been given to high-stakes, corporate testing and this has resulted in the placement of undue pressure on students. Therefore, at the beginning of the school year we exercised our parental rights under California law and signed the opt-out forms so that our children would not have to take these tests. Apparently this was not enough, as we later learned that our daughter’s high school had ...

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Last updated 2 months, 4 weeks ago.
Posted in Clubs/Civic Organizations.
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Playgrounds Aren't for Children Only

Ever wonder why playgrounds are so generalized to children only? Well, I have, and I think it's the trend of seeing children playing which forces us to think that it's meant for them only. What staggers me most is the fact that when you reach your mid-twenties, you aren't expected to be seeing enjoying yourself as freely as you would in your teenage years. So why's that so? Why does the notion of enjoyment and ...

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Last updated 3 months ago.
Posted in Clubs/Civic Organizations.
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Vote No on Messier S

I'll admit, Awesometown began changing me after I moved here from Culver City. Within a few years, after coaching kids, helping non-profits, and having my son in great schools, I began to see the "vision" of Awesometown. Why we had such beautiful streets; so many parks; wonderful schools, etc. Why we didn't allow Hooters, casinos, dispensaries, new dive bars, or other degrading businesses into town. I didn't have that perspective living in LA. I learned ...

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Last updated 3 months ago.
Posted in Politics.
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