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The Family Farm Plows On

Much has been written about the demise of the family farm in the United States. And while it's true that many such operations have struggled, many more are soldiering on with innovative products and services that are keeping them profitable and strong.

American food consumption is driven mostly by price, with consistency close behind. And just as a single company will produce cars with greater consistency than a dozen firms, large farms ...

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Is it safe to buy Duromine online?

In our modern world, we used to do things online. We buy and sell stuff on the web because it is convenient, fast and secure. Many brands that are not really registered can sell an illegal product that can be harmful or do not show any effect, like with medicine.

When it comes to weight loss issue, lots of customers prefer buying various appetite suppressants online. One of the most popular diet ...

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Travel to Vietnam

There are legitimate companies that can arrange Vietnam Visa on arrival, but you must organize this before you arrive in Vietnam. We have been told that the personal information of multiple applicants can be included in letters confirming visa approval, which is normal procedure for the Vietnamese Immigration Department and any alteration to the letter would invalidate visa approval. If you are concerned about this you should apply for a visa through the nearest Vietnamese ...

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Safety Hazard City Won't fix

I had gone to a UPS store on Soledad with a friend to drop off a small package. When she walked in, a box fell on her from this mountain of boxes stacked to the ceiling by the entrance. Although she spoke to the owner, they didn't seem to care after she said she was OK and even asked her to leave if she was done. A call to the City didn't do any good ...

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Trends and Fads

The other day I opened my favorite news page and there was an article on latest food trends in 2015. I was perplexed and it got me thinking and went on about recollecting what all has happened in the past 30 odd years, so many trends came in like KE Diet, weight loss pills, master cleanse to e-cigarettes. Like any trends, they came and went.

Today, you will find so much information ...

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