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The fortune collector (Staff Blog)

If I could eat sugar and cookies and cake all day, I totally would.Just give me a roll of Oreos - there's about 13 of them in a roll - a glass of milk and a huge spoon, and I'll eat those bad boys in about seven minutes. But there's actually a better way to eating Oreos, and it's not the way the TV teaches you. Instead of splitting the cookie in half, I put ...

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Little Tokyo (Staff Blog)

There are still some things I haven’t gotten quite used to since I moved to Santa Clarita. The parking is still pretty much unbearable, but I will say that I parallel parked the other day all by myself without any assistance from neighbors and/or random people on the street. I’ve gotten better at the not getting lost part, I now get lost once a week instead of three. But now I want to talk about ...

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Land of the Free?

Then why do we have so many people in prison?
By Carl Petersen
“Minor drug offenders fill your prisons
You don’t even flinch
All our taxes paying for your wars
Against the new non-rich”
- System of a Down (1)

We’re number one! “Since 2002, the United States has had the highest incarceration rate in the world.” (2) In a report covering 2012 and ...

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A night in Venice (Staff Blog)

I've never seen anything like it. I felt like I was in a scene of an urban movie. Does that even make any sense?Dozens of food trucks were parked at the corner Abbot Kinney Boulevard in the beautiful city of Venice. The line of people waiting to get served - I kid you not, extended for nearly a block. There was a Thai food truck, a Mexican food truck; there was even a clothing truck ...

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I can't pay my medical bills. Now what?

According to a recent study, medical bills are still the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Even those with steady income and a substantial amount of savings can be ruined financially by a medical emergency so it's not surprising that thousands are forced into bankruptcy each year. If you've found yourself weighed down by medical debt, here are a few options to consider.

If you have insurance

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