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Store closing

Yet another store closing in the Valencia mall. 2B is closing on July 5th. They were only given a week 1/2 notice.
So all employees are out of jobs as they aren't offering to transfer them to a Beebe store.
My daughter is one of the managers there and is now out of a job.
If anyone knows of anyone hiring please spread the word, not only for my daughter but for ...

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Last updated 3 days ago.
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Last comment by abrahamfh 3 days ago
crooked businesses or just sneaky

I went to rent a mailbox at a business center in Centre Point Marketplace on Golden Valley Rd. While there, I found out he also does printing and graphic design but, also noticed there are 2 other companies in the same place. I asked him why would the landlord do that and was told they sneaked in under a sub-lease and nothing can be done now. I am an attorney and I still say this ...

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Last updated 1 week, 6 days ago.
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Leaf Blowers & Weed Eaters Policy

I watch the advertisements of how we can make Santa Clarita Valley a wonderful place to live and expand, yet our own city hall does not want to set the standard by orchestrating a law, like other communities in addressing the issue of the workers, constantly using outdated equipment, and noise levels beyond allowance.
1st example, i asked the city managers office to address the gardeners standing outside our homes playing with their weed ...

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Last updated 2 weeks, 3 days ago.
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Salon employee caught writing drug prescriptions

The risks of attempting to purchase Phentermine without a prescription are numerous and serious, and recent events in Louisiana can help to outline one particular risk. This is that the medication will be prescribed by someone who is not legally qualified to write a prescription, or by a doctor who does not adequately consult their patients. This risk is highlighted by a recent case in Louisiana in which a receptionist working at a salon that ...

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Last updated 3 weeks, 3 days ago.
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Opting In

Parents should be given the right to approve their children’s participation in high stakes testing.
By Carl Petersen
My neighborhood school holds a “Summer Transition Academy” for all incoming Freshmen to help them “understand the school’s expectations both academically and behaviorally.” (1) This two week program is mandatory to the point where anyone who misses more than four hours “will earn a grade of FAIL and will have to repeat STA ...

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Last updated 1 month ago.
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Last comment by tealcokegirl 1 month ago

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