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Jul 07, 2014
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Paris and Connor MacIVOR
OCCUPATION: Business and financial operations
BIRTHDAY: May 17, 1969
LOCATION: Valencia, CA
BIO: 1990-2007 LAPD – Last 13 Motor Cycle Enforcement, Current Level-1 Reserve Teaching Firearms/Tactics at DTF with the LAPD.

In the 1990’s Paris and I obtained our Real Estate Licenses, due to us and our family being taken advantage of when purchasing our first home. We not knowing what our right’s were and the internet not being the “informative platform it is today, we were able to learn and provide for ourselves and our family a remedy to our terrible first home buying experience.

In short order, we had other from my Primary employer asking if we would and could assist them with their home buying and selling needs. Paris911 and The 911 Team were born. With a Focus on Relational Real Estate and our drive to make all of those that choose to use our services, comfortable by subscribing to the school of Code and Honor where the Customer is King and not ourselves.

Working within the venue of technology to sell and market Real Estate for sale, our approach is Unique. Full members of 4 different Boards of Realtors gives us an edge up over others in the “business. We take this seriously and want to offer the best advice and view of this, ever-changing, Real Estate Market.

As we love to say during our Seminars and our "Buyer and Seller Briefings", Paris and I will keep the target being your needs and accomplish that goal. –CONNOR with HONOR

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